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CV Pierre Lagarrigue

I am a full professor at « Institut National  Universitaire Champollion », located in  Albi. I am a permanent member of the Clément Ader Institute since 1990 and Head of the Serious Game Research Lab since 2009. (
• Keywords: Machining, NC machine tools, learning games, innovative digital tools for training, virtual machining,
• Publications: 3 softwares, 2 book sections, 41 international journal articles, 10 articles in books of synthesis, 7  French journal articles, 5 invited conferences, 31 international conference papers.

Walter Rubio   

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  • Frederic Monies, Isabelle Danis, Pierre Lagarrigue, Patrick Gilles, Walter Rubio. Balancing of the transversal cutting force for pocket milling cutters: application for roughing a magnesium-rare earth alloy. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Springer Verlag, 2017, 89 (1), pp.45--64. ⟨hal-01950747⟩