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Yvan Rahbé @ HAL


I am a researcher at INRAE (ex INRA :-) since 1983.

Agricultural engineer and biochemist by training, I am an insect physiologist (INA-PG PhD thesis, currently AgroParisTech, in 1984) having worked at INSA Lyon since that date, with a few forays elsewhere: INRA Guadeloupe in 1985-1986 , U. Valencia in 2007.

I worked in 4 main areas of interaction biology, related to Plant Health, my scientific Department at INRAE.

- Plant-insect interactions and the mechanisms of resistance of plants to insects

- The biology of the bacterial trophic symbiosis  in insects, mainly on the Aphid / Buchnera model

- The biology of anti-insect toxins, mainly of plant origin

- The biology of the bacterial transmission by Hemiptera and aphids

Currently working in a CNRS Microbiology unit (MAP, UMR5240)

I will fill-in this page more completely another day :-)

Please direct yourself to my official short-CV page


"Céline Gautier"   

Conference papers1 document

  • J.F. Boulicaut, Federica Calevro, Hubert Charles, Jean-Michel Fayard, Gérard Febvay, et al.. Transcriptomique. Journée INSA de Lyon "BioIngénierie / Sciences et Ingénierie du Vivant", 2008, Villeurbanne, juillet 2008, France. ⟨hal-02823302⟩