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Article dans une revue1 document

  • Jean-Noël Jaubert, Romain Privat, Yohann Le Guennec, Lucie Coniglio. Note on the properties altered by application of a Péneloux–type volume translation to an equation of state. Fluid Phase Equilibria, Elsevier, 2016, 419, pp.88 - 95. <10.1016/j.fluid.2016.03.012>. <hal-01413850>

Communication dans un congrès2 documents

  • Jean-Noël Jaubert, Yohann Le Guennec, Silvia Lasala, Romain Privat. Discussion on the functional form of alpha-functions involved in cubic equations of state.. JETC 2017, May 2017, Budapest, Hungary. <>. <hal-01413863>
  • Silvia Lasala, Yohann Le Guennec, Romain Privat, Jean-Noël Jaubert. The role of alpha functions in the thermodynamic modeling of supercritical pure components. JETC 2015, May 2015, Paris, France. <hal-01413870>

Poster1 document

  • Yohann Le Guennec, Jean-Noël Jaubert, Romain Privat. Les fonctions alpha dans les équations d'état cubiques : application aux corps purs. Séminaire de l'école doctorale RP2E 2016, Jan 2016, Nancy, France. <hal-01413880>