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CV de Xingyu Pan

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  • Mawulawoé Komlagan, Vinh Thong Ta, Xingyu Pan, Jean-Philippe Domenger, D. Louis Collins, et al.. Anatomically Constrained Weak Classifier Fusion for Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease. 5th International Workshop on Machine Learning in Medical Imaging, Sep 2014, United States. 8 p., 2014. <hal-01062759>
  • Xingyu Pan, Kitti Puritat, Laure Tougne. A New Coin Segmentation and Graph-Based Identification Method for Numismatic Application. 10th International Symposium on Visual Computing, Dec 2014, Las Vegas, United States. 2014, <10.1007/978-3-319-14364-4_18>. <hal-01371488>