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  • Julien Laverdant, Jean-Pierre Hermier, Xavier Quélin, Stéphanie Buil. From scattering regime to strong localization: a statistical analysis of the near-field intensity on random gold films . Journal of Nanophotonics, Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers, 2013. <hal-01341711>
  • Damien Canneson, Stéphanie Buil, Xavier Quélin, Clémentine Javaux, Benoît Dubertret, et al.. Influence of the cluster's size of random gold nanostructures on the fluorescence of single CdSe–CdS nanocrystals. Gold Bulletin : The journal of gold science, technology and applications , Springer, 2013, <10.1007/s13404-013-0123-8>. <hal-01341717>
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