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Xavier Granier - Computer Graphics & Optics

My main research background is realistic rendering and global illumination. I have extended his interest to acquisition and modeling of material properties and light sources (at University of British Columbia - Vancouver - Canada), sketching interactions (with Zheijiang University - Hangzhou - China) and expressive rendering (previously called non-photorealistic rendering). Currently, the main focus of my research is the accurate simulation of optical phenomena and the creation of new technologies that combine the strengths of optics and computer graphics. I mainly consider impacts of 3D technologies as tools for studies, preservation and diffusion of Cultural Heritage.

Sarah Tournon   

Journal articles1 document

  • Sarah Tournon, Caroline Delevoie, Mehdi Chayani, Xavier Granier. Le Conservatoire National des Données 3D SHS : publier et conserver des données 3D créées pour des recherches en SHS / OUTILS DE LA RECHERCHE. La Lettre de l'InSHS, INstitut des Sciences Humaines et Sociales – CNRS 2020, la lettre de l'INSHS, pp. 10-12. ⟨hal-03023485⟩

Conference papers1 document

  • Sarah Tournon, Valentin Grimaud, Bruno Dutailly, Xavier Granier. Le Conservatoire National des Données 3D SHS. Humanistica 2020, May 2020, Bordeaux, France. ⟨hal-02733470⟩

Poster communications5 documents

  • Sarah Tournon-Valiente, Valentin Grimaud, Bruno Dutailly, Sylvie Eusèbe, Mathieu Quantin, et al.. Conservatoire des Données 3D SHS. MuséoHub 7 3D et Patrimoines, quels impacts sur la recherche? Quelles modalités pour la médiation?, Apr 2019, Saint Omer, France. 2019. ⟨hal-02094101v2⟩
  • Sarah Tournon-Valiente, Valentin Grimaud, Bruno Dutailly, Sylvie Eusèbe, Matthieu Quantin, et al.. CONSERVATOIRE NATIONAL DES DONNÉES 3D SHS (CND3D) : Sauvegarder, Documenter, Archiver. Mehdi Chayani; Xavier Granier. Rencontres du Consortium 3D SHS, Dec 2019, Nantes, France. 2020. ⟨hal-02496658⟩
  • Mehdi Chayani, Xavier Granier, Valentin Grimaud, Sarah Tournon-Valiente. Consortium 3D SHS. Les Rencontres de la TGIR Huma-Num, Jun 2018, Valpré, France. ⟨hal-01824758⟩
  • Xavier Granier, Sarah Tournon-Valiente, Mehdi Chayani. 3D Consortium: Creation, scientific use and archiving of 3D data for Humanities and Social Sciences. Dariah annual Event, May 2018, Paris, France. ⟨hal-01825264⟩
  • Bruno Dutailly, Sylvie Eusèbe, Valentin Grimaud, Nicolas Lefèvre, Mathieu Quantin, et al.. Life cycle of 3d data for cultural heritage: Identify how and when 3D data is produced Choose 3D file formats for archiving Define a robust process for producing 3D data and preserving it. Visual Heritage 2018, Nov 2018, Vienne, Austria. ⟨hal-01926434⟩

Reports1 document

  • Xavier Granier, Mehdi Chayani, Violette Abergel, Pascal Benistant, Laurent Bergerot, et al.. Les recommandations du Consortium 3D SHS. [Rapport Technique] CNRS; SHS. 2019, 204 p. ⟨hal-01683842v4⟩