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Wassila Ouerdane. Maître de conférences en informatique à CentraleSupélec

I am an Assistant Professor (Lecturer, MCF) in Computer Science at Central Paris, and a member of the LGI (Laboratoire Génie Industriel) Lab, within the Research Group on Decision Aid for Production / Distribution, since September 2010. I hold a PhD on Computer Science from University of Paris Dauphine in December 2009. 


My main research interests include multiple criteria decision analysis, argumentation theory, Artificial Intelligence and decision aiding process . More precisely, I'm interested on the use of argumentation theory in Decision support and how to provide explanations along with recommended decisions to the decision maker during a decision aiding process. Moreover, I investigate the field of Risk Analysis and Management. The idea is that expertise and decision-aiding are risky activities in safety, security and environment domains. Thus, I try to use some methodologies and tools based on MCDA (Multiple criteria Decision Aiding) and AI to cope with these risks based on real life experience feedbacks.

Research Interests: 


  • Multiple Criteria Decision aiding,
  • Decision aiding process,
  • Artificial Intelligence (knowledge representation, argumentation theory, dialogue games),
  • Explanation models,
  • Decision aiding in project management. 


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Article dans une revue3 documents

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Communication dans un congrès14 documents

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Chapitre d'ouvrage1 document

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