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Waltraud PAUL

Since 1994, W. Paul has been a researcher at the CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique i.e., the French National Center for Scientific Research) and affiliated with the CRLAO (Centre de recherches linguistiques sur l'Asie orientale = ‘Center for linguistic research on East Asia'). Her main interest is the syntax of modern Mandarin, with occasional excursions into the diachronic syntax of Chinese.


Research topics (selection)


  • structure of the extended VP in Mandarin Chinese

  • the ba-construction

  • focus cleft constructions in Mandarin ( shi…de )

  • left periphery and low IP area (topic, outer vs. inner; topic marker, sentence-final particles); split CP

  • adjective vs verb, adjectival modification, DP structure

  • double object construction: Applicative Phrase

  • syntax/semantics mismatch (cf. Paul 1988, chapters 3 & 6)

  • verb-object compounds vs. verb-object phrases (cf. Paul 1988)

  • serial verb constructions (SVC)


Editorial activities:

Associated editor of Glossa: a journal of general linguistics


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  • Waltraud Paul, Victor Junnan Pan. What you see is what you get: Chinese sentence-final particles as head-final complementisers. Discourse Particles – Formal Approaches to their Syntax and Semantics, De Gruyter Mouton, pp.49-77, 2017, Linguistische Arbeiten, 9783110497151. 〈10.1515/9783110497151-003〉. 〈halshs-01425413〉