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Vincent Paillé INRAE

Neuroscience researcher at INRAE working on : 

1) Impact of an unbalanced perinatal diet on the development of circuits controlling food intake (reward and homeostatic circuits).  What is the role of the gut-brain axis?

2) What is the role of CCKergic signaling in cortico-striatal plasticity ?

3) Electrophysiological study of the gut-brain axis (ENS, microbiota, vagus nerve...)


Gwenola Le Drean   

Reports1 document

  • Vincent Paille, H. Boudin, Gwenola Le Drean. Impact d’une dénutrition périnatale sur l’axe intestin-cerveau. Rapport final PARIMAD pour la région des Pays de La Loire. [Contrat] 2018. ⟨hal-02789718⟩