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Dominique Vaufreydaz

Associate Professor (HDR) at University Grenoble AlpesInria and LIG laboratory.
Keywords: multimodal perception, smart spaces, middleware for ubiquitous computing,healthcare technologies, affective computing

Laurent Besacier   

Conference papers7 documents

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  • Laurent Besacier, Carole Bergamini, Dominique Vaufreydaz, Eric Castelli. THE EFFECT OF SPEECH AND AUDIO COMPRESSION ON SPEECH RECOGNITION PERFORMANCE. IEEE Multimedia Signal Processing Workshop, IEEE, Oct 2001, Cannes, France. pp. 301-306. ⟨inria-00326165⟩
  • Dominique Vaufreydaz, Laurent Besacier, Carole Bergamini, Richard Lamy. From generic to task-oriented speech recognition : French experience in the NESPOLE! European project. ITR-Workshop on Adaptation Methods For Speech Recognition, Aug 2001, Nice - Sophia Antipolis, France. pp. 179-182. ⟨inria-00326171⟩
  • Dominique Vaufreydaz, Carole Bergamini, Jean-François Serignat, Laurent Besacier, Mohamad Akbar. A NEW METHODOLOGY FOR SPEECH CORPORA DEFINITION FROM INTERNET DOCUMENTS. LREC'2000 (Language Resources & Evaluation international Conference), Jun 2000, Athens, Greece. pp. 423-426. ⟨inria-00326150⟩