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  • Thomas Dutoit. Boring Gravel: Literary Earth, Alice Munro's Geolithic. Etudes Canadiennes. Canadian Studies, 2015, Canadian-ness of Alice Munro; Visibility of Canadian Literature, 77 (2/ 2014), pp.77-110. <>. <hal-01128469>
  • Thomas Dutoit. Boring Gravel: Literary Earth, Alice Munro's Ontario Geolithic: The Piece of You Trekked; or, on the Non-alignment of Enclosures and Exposures in Alice Munro. Etudes canadiennes / Canadian studies, 2014, Alice Munro's Canadian Writing. The Visibility of Canadian Literature, 77 (2), pp.77-110. <>. <hal-01127723>
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  • Thomas Dutoit. Ruins; or the Being of Time as History in Elizabeth Bowen’s The Heat of the Day. Etudes britanniques contemporaines - Revue de la Société dʼétudes anglaises contemporaines, Presses universitaires de la Méditerranée, 2012, Ruins. Colloque de la SEAC, Londres, novembre 2011, 43, pp.73-94. <>. <10.4000/ebc.1322>. <hal-01127707>
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  • Thomas Dutoit. Homo-hetero-phono-graphy: on Quentin Tarantino's _Pulp Fiction_. Etudes Anglaises, Klincksieck, 2008, Genre(s), 61 (3), pp.340-49. <hal-01127815>
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  • Thomas Dutoit. Ghost Stories, The Sublime and Fantastic Thirds in Kant and Kleist. Colloquia Germanica, University of Kentucky, 1994, 27 (3), pp.225-254. <hal-01148607>

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  • Thomas Dutoit. From Cosmopolitical Literature to Cosmo-panto-mimesis and "this strange institution called 'literature'": Kant, Borges, Derrida. No comment. 2015. <hal-01202389>

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