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Publications et travaux dans HAL de Thierry Chanier

Thierry Chanier is Professor of Applied Linguistics at Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France.

CALL has been his main research interest over the past 25 years. In 1986, he started applying the NLP approach to language learning issues. In 1995, as a partner in the European project Camille, he developed one the first multimedia CD-ROM for French. He was chief editor of the online CALL journal when first published in 1998. Thierry has been a member of EuroCALL since the creation of the association in 1993 and hosted the EuroCALL conference in 1999 in Besançon, France.

Since this date, his main areas of interest are online language learning, the study of multimodal interaction in synchronous environments, and telecollaborative situations. He coordinated the Mulce project which in 2009 created an open-access repository of Learning & Teaching Corpora (LETEC ; )  and is currently developing CMC corpora with other researchers in Linguistics ( ) .

Céline Poudat   

Journal articles2 documents

  • Longhi Julien, Thierry Chanier, Céline Poudat, Benoît Sagot, Georges Antoniadis, et al.. The CoMeRe corpus for French: structuring and annotating heterogeneous CMC genres. Journal for Language Technology and Computational Linguistics, 2014, 2. ⟨hal-02979660⟩
  • Thierry Chanier, Céline Poudat, Benoît Sagot, Georges Antoniadis, Ciara R. Wigham, et al.. The CoMeRe corpus for French: structuring and annotating heterogeneous CMC genres. Journal for language technology and computational linguistics, GSCL (Gesellschaft für Sprachtechnologie und Computerlinguistik) 2014, 29 (2), pp.1-30. ⟨halshs-00953507v2⟩

Conference papers2 documents

  • Michael Beißwenger, Thierry Chanier, Eric Ehrhardt, Axel Herold, Harald Lüngen, et al.. TEI across corpora, languages and genres: Towards a standard for the representation of social media and computer-mediated communication. Text Encoding Initiative: connect, animate, innovate. 2015 Annual Conference and Members’ Meeting of the TEI Consortium, TEI Consortium, Oct 2015, Lyon, France. ⟨halshs-01222982⟩
  • Thierry Chanier, Céline Poudat, Ciara Wigham. The CoMeRe French CMC corpora and their modeling in TEI. ird-cmc-rennes: Social Media and CMC Corpora for the eHumanities., Oct 2015, Rennes, France. ⟨halshs-01222979⟩

Book sections1 document

  • Céline Poudat, Natalia Grabar, Camille Paloque-Bergès, Thierry Chanier, Jin Kun. Wikiconflits : un corpus de discussions éditoriales conflictuelles du Wikipédia francophone. Ciara R. Wigham & Gudrun Ledegen. Corpus de communication médiée par les réseaux : construction, structuration, analyse, L'Harmattan, 2017, 978-2-343-11212-1. ⟨hal-01485427⟩

Directions of work or proceedings1 document

  • Michael Beißwenger, Thierry Chanier, Isabella Chiari, Tomaž Erjavec, Darja Fišer, et al.. Closing a gap in the language resources landscape : Groundwork and best practices from projects on computer-mediated communication in four European countries.. CLARIN Annual Conference 2016, Oct 2016, Aix-en-Provence, France. 136, Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings, pp.1-19, 2017, Selected papers from the CLARIN Annual Conference 2016, 978-91-7685-499-0. ⟨hal-01379621⟩

Reports1 document

  • Céline Poudat, Jin Kun, Thierry Chanier. Wikiconflits, un corpus extrait de Wikipédia : principe et méthode d'élaboration. [Rapport Technique] LRL, Clermont Ferrand, BCL, Nice. 2014. ⟨hal-01288038⟩