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Tatiana Budtova


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  • Cédric Roy, Tatiana Budtova, Patrick Navard. Rheological properties and gelation of aqueous cellulose-NaOH solutions. Biomacromolecules, American Chemical Society, 2003, 4 (2), p.259-264. ⟨10.1021/bm020100s⟩. ⟨hal-00533049⟩

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  • Tatiana Budtova, Stanislav Patlazhan, Sylvie Vervoort, Jan Weyts. Solvent release from highly swollen gels under compression: an important phenomenon that has to be taken into account. 38ème colloque annuel du Groupe Français de Rhéologie, Oct 2003, Brest, France. 4 p. ⟨hal-00579407⟩