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  • Cyrielle Rudaz, Arnaud Demilecamps, Georg Pour, Margot Alves, Arnaud Rigacci, et al.. Bio-aerogels: new promising materials for thermal superinsulation. ICAE 2015, May 2015, Donostia San Sebastián, Spain. ⟨hal-01158588⟩
  • Arnaud Demilecamps, Cyrielle Rudaz, Claudia Hildenbrand, Arnaud Rigacci, Tatiana Budtova. New thermal superinsulating materials from pectin based bio-aerogels. 12th International Conference on Nanostructured Materials (NANO-12), Jun 2014, Moscow, Russia. ⟨hal-01113019⟩
  • Arnaud Demilecamps, Margot Alvès, Christian Beauger, Claudia Hildenbrand, Markus Wiener, et al.. Cellulose-silica hybrid aerogels. 3rd EPNOE International Polysaccharide Conference - Polysaccharides and polysaccharidederived products, from basic science to applications, EPNOE, Oct 2013, Nice, France. ⟨hal-01576824⟩
  • Joanna Rooke, Claudia Hildenbrand, Sandrine Berthon-Fabry, Romain Sescousse, Tatiana Budtova, et al.. Elaboration and characterizations of platinum nanoparticles supported on cellulose-based carbon aerogel. International Carbon Conference 2009, Jun 2009, Biarritz, France. 6 p. ⟨hal-00490263⟩
  • Roxane Gavillon, Claudia Hildenbrand, Florent Fischer, Romain Sescousse, Arnaud Rigacci, et al.. Preparation, properties and applications of novel cellulose and cellulose acetate aerogels. BIOFOAMS 2009, Oct 2009, Niagara Falls, Canada. Paper no 7 - 6 p. ⟨hal-00490283⟩