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Sylvie Radix

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ISPB - Faculté de Pharmacie de Lyon

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  • Anthony Prandina, Lars Herfindal, Sylvie Radix, Pal Rongved, Stein Døskeland, et al.. Enhancement of iodinin solubility by encapsulation into cyclodextrin nanoparticles. Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry, Informa Healthcare, 2018, 33 (1), pp.370 - 375. 〈10.1080/14756366.2017.1421638〉. 〈hal-01688994〉
  • Sylvie Radix, Anne Doléans Jordheim, Luc Rocheblave, Serge N'Digo, Anne-Laure Prignon, et al.. N,N′-disubstituted cinnamamide derivatives potentiate ciprofloxacin activity against overexpressing NorA efflux pump Staphylococcus aureus 1199B strains. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Elsevier, 2018, 150, pp.900 - 907. 〈10.1016/j.ejmech.2018.03.028〉. 〈hal-01763023〉
  • Luc Rocheblave, Marc Rolland Ravel, Elodie Monniot, Jeremy Tavenard, Claude-Yves Cuilleron, et al.. Deoxycholic acid derivatives as inhibitors of P-glycoprotein-mediated multidrug efflux. Steroids, 2016, 116 (1878-5867 (Electronic)), pp.5-12. 〈10.1016/j.steroids.2016.09.017〉. 〈hal-01800021〉
  • Wael Zeinyeh, Sylvie Radix, Raphael Terreux, Julie-Anne Chemelle, Nadia Walchshofer. Unsymmetrical α,ω-end-functionalized oligo(cyclohexylidenes): efficient synthesis and conformational analysis. Tetrahedron, Elsevier, 2016, 72 (27-28), pp.4032 - 4038. 〈10.1016/j.tet.2016.05.040〉. 〈hal-01800196〉
  • Wael Zeinyeh, Zahia Mahiout, Sylvie Radix, Thierry Lomberget, Axel Dumoulin, et al.. Progesterone–adenine hybrids as bivalent inhibitors of P-glycoprotein-mediated multidrug efflux: Design, synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation. Steroids, Elsevier, 2012, 77 (12), pp.1177 - 1191. 〈10.1016/j.steroids.2012.07.010〉. 〈hal-01800194〉
  • Wael Zeinyeh, Ghina Alameh, Sylvie Radix, Catherine Grenot, Charles Dumontet, et al.. Design, synthesis and evaluation of progesterone–adenine hybrids as bivalent inhibitors of P-glycoprotein-mediated multidrug efflux. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, Elsevier, 2010, 20 (10), pp.3165 - 3168. 〈10.1016/j.bmcl.2010.03.085〉. 〈hal-01800193〉
  • Wael Zeinyeh, Hexue Xia, Philippe Lawton, Sylvie Radix, Christelle Marminon, et al.. Synthesis and modulation properties of imidazo[4,5-b]pyridin-7-one and indazole-4,7-dione derivatives towards the Cryptosporidium parvum CpABC3 transporter. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Elsevier, 2010, 45 (6), pp.2480 - 2488. 〈10.1016/j.ejmech.2010.02.033〉. 〈hal-01800190〉
  • Wael Zeinyeh, Julien Pilmé, Sylvie Radix, Nadia Walchshofer. Regioselective N-alkylation of imidazo[4,5-b]pyridine-4-oxide derivatives: an experimental and DFT study. Tetrahedron Letters, Elsevier, 2009, 50 (16), pp.1828 - 1833. 〈10.1016/j.tetlet.2009.02.006〉. 〈hal-01800189〉
  • Marie-Emmanuelle Million, Sylvie Radix, Sébastien Marrot, Magali Imbert, Joëlle Paris. A Simple and High-Yield Route to N-9-purinyl-acetic Acid Derivatives Coupled with Amino Acids. Letters in Organic Chemistry, Bentham Science Publishers, 2008, 5 (6), pp.484 - 489. 〈10.2174/157017808785740408〉. 〈hal-01800186〉
  • Sylvie Radix, Roland Barret. Total synthesis of two natural phenanthrenes: confusarin and a regioisomer. Tetrahedron, Elsevier, 2007, 63 (50), pp.12379 - 12387. 〈10.1016/j.tet.2007.09.052〉. 〈hal-01800184〉
  • E. Peter Kündig, Alejandro Bellido, Krishna Kaliappan, Andrew Pape, Sylvie Radix. Synthesis of [6,n] cis-fused ring compounds via Cr-mediated dearomatisation–ring-closing metathesis. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2006, 4 (2), pp.342 - 351. 〈10.1039/b513261d〉. 〈hal-01800180〉
  • R. Terreux, P. Iawton, S. Radix, D. Deruaz, M. Lussignol, et al.. Rational design of inhibitors of the cryptosporidium parvum ATP-binding cassette 3 protein.. Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society, American Chemical Society, 2005, 229, pp.U179-U179. 〈hal-00314914〉
  • Thierry Lomberget, Sylvie Radix, Roland Barret. A Regioselective Route to 5- and 6-Azaindoles. SYNLETT, Georg Thieme Verlag, 2005, pp.2080 - 2082. 〈10.1055/s-2005-871946〉. 〈hal-01800182〉
  • Sylvie Radix-Large, Stéphanie Kucharski, Bernard Langlois. Trifluoromethylated Vinylic and Aromatic Compounds from α-(Trifluoro­methyl)allyl Alcohols. SYNTHESIS, Georg Thieme Verlag, 2004, pp.456 - 465. 〈10.1055/s-2004-815928〉. 〈hal-01800179〉
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  • Bouyssi Didier, Marcello Cavicchioli, Sylvie Large, Monteiro Nuno, Geneviève Balme. Rearrangement of Oxasphiroheptanes to Cyclohexanones Mediated by Lithium Iodide. SYNLETT, Georg Thieme Verlag, 2000, 2000 (05), pp.0749 - 0751. 〈10.1055/s-2000-6606〉. 〈hal-01800154〉
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