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CV de Sylvie Gibet

Article dans une revue4 documents

  • Sylvie Gibet, François Lefebvre-Albaret, Ludovic Hamon, Rémi Brun, Ahmed Turki. Interactive Editing in French Sign Language Dedicated to Virtual Signers: Requirements and Challenges. Universal Access in the Information Society, Springer Verlag, 2015, <10.1007/s10209-015-0411-6>. <hal-01367723>
  • Thibaut Le Naour, Nicolas Courty, Sylvie Gibet. Cinématique guidée par les distances. Revue Electronique Francophone d'Informatique Graphique, Association Française d'Informatique Graphique, 2012, Vol. 6 (N° 1), pp.15-25. <hal-00762919>
  • Sylvie Gibet, Nicolas Courty, Kyle Duarte, Thibaut Le Naour. The SignCom System for Data-Driven Animation of Interactive Virtual Signers : Methodology and Evaluation. ACM Transaction on Interactive Intelligent Systems, 2011, 1 (1), pp.6. <hal-00664705>
  • Alexandre Bouënard, Marcelo M. Wanderley, Sylvie Gibet. Virtual Gesture Control of Sound Synthesis: Analysis and Classification of Percussion Gestures. Acta Acustica united with Acustica, Hirzel Verlag, 2010, 96 (4), pp.668-677. <10.3813/AAA.918321>. <hal-00763258>

Communication dans un congrès7 documents

  • Caroline Larboulette, Sylvie Gibet. I Am a Tree: Embodiment Using Physically Based Animation Driven by Expressive Descriptors of Motion. 3rd International Symposium on Movement and Computing, Jul 2016, Thessaloniki, Greece. ACM, Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Movement and Computing, 2016, Proceedings of the International Symposium on Movement and Computing. <10.1145/2948910.294893>. <hal-01344746>
  • Lei Chen, Sylvie Gibet, Pierre-François Marteau, Fabrice Marandola, Marcelo M Wanderley. Quantitative Evaluation of Percussive Gestures by Ranking Trainees versus Teacher. MOCO'16: 3rd International Symposium On Movement & Computing, Jul 2016, Thessaloniki, Greece. <10.1145/2948910.2948934>. <hal-01367819>
  • Caroline Larboulette, Sylvie Gibet. A Review of Computable Expressive Descriptors of Human Motion. MOCO 2015 : 2nd International Workshop on Movement and Computing, Aug 2015, Vancouver, Canada. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Movement and Computing, pp.21-28, 2015, Proceedings of the International Workshop on Movement and Computing. <10.1145/2790994.2790998>. <hal-01196267>
  • Clément Reverdy, Sylvie Gibet, Caroline Larboulette. Optimal Marker Set for Motion Capture of Dynamical Facial Expressions. MIG2015 8th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference on Motion in Games , Nov 2015, Paris, France. Motion In Games, pp.31-36, 2015, Proceedings of the 8th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference on Motion in Games. <10.1145/2822013.2822042>. <hal-01279483>
  • Clément Reverdy, Sylvie Gibet, Caroline Larboulette. Animation faciale basée données : un état de l'art. 28èmes journées de l’Association Française en Informatique Graphique, Nov 2015, Lyon, France. 2015, Actes des 28èmesjournées de l' AFIG. <>. <hal-01366447>
  • Pamela Carreno-Medrano, Sylvie Gibet, Pierre-François Marteau. End-effectors trajectories: An efficient low-dimensional characterization of affective-expressive body motions. International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction, Sep 2015, Xian, China. <10.1109/ACII.2015.7344607>. <hal-01367814>
  • Virginie Demulier, Elisabetta Bevacqua, Tom Giraud, Pamela Carreno-Medrano, Brice Isableu, et al.. A Database of Full Body Virtual Interactions Annotated with Expressivity Scores. LREC 2014 - Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, May 2014, Reykjavik, Iceland. LREC 2014, pp.3505-3510. <hal-01367912>

Chapitre d'ouvrage4 documents

  • Pierre-François Marteau, Sylvie Gibet, Clément Reverdy. Adaptive Down-Sampling and Dimension Reduction in Time Elastic Kernel Machines for Efficient Recognition of Isolated Gestures. Guillet, Fabrice and Pinaud, Bruno and Venturini, Gilles. Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Management: volume 6, Volume (665), Springer International Publishing, pp.39 - 59, 2016, Studies in Computational Intelligence, 978-3-319-45763-5. <10.1007/978-3-319-45763-5_3>. <hal-01401453>
  • Matthieu Aubry, Frédéric Julliard, Sylvie Gibet. Interactive Ergonomic Analysis of a Physically Disabled Person's Workspace. Gesture-Based Human-Computer Interaction and Simulation 7th International Gesture Workshop, GW 2007, Lisbon, Portugal, May 23-25, 2007, Revised Selected Papers, 2009. <hal-01367900>
  • Pierre-François Marteau, Sylvie Gibet. Adaptive Sampling of Motion Trajectories for Discrete Task-bases Analysis and Synthesis of Gesture. Sylvie Gibet; Nicolas Courty; Jean-François Kamp. Gesture in Human-Computer Interaction and Simulation, 6th International Gesture Workshop, Lecture Notes in Computer Science ( 3881), Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 224 - 235, 2006, GW 2005, 978-3-540-32624-3. <hal-01367901>
  • Sylvie Gibet, Jean-François Kamp, Franck Poirier. Gesture Analysis : invariant laws in Movement. Gesture-based Communication in Human-Computer Interaction, 2003. <hal-01367902>

Ouvrage (y compris édition critique et traduction)1 document

  • Miguel Sales Dias, Sylvie Gibet, Marcelo Wanderley, Bastos Rafael. Advances in Gesture-Based Human-Computer Interaction and Simulation. 2009, 978-3-540-92864-5. <hal-01367915>