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  • Thibault Mura, Marieta Baramova, Audrey Gabelle, Sylvaine Artero, Jean-François Dartigues, et al.. Predicting dementia using socio-demographic characteristics and the Free and Cued Selective Reminding Test in the general population. Alzheimer's Research and Therapy, BioMed Central, 2016, 9 (1), pp.21. <10.1186/s13195-016-0230-x>. <inserm-01494665>
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  • Tasnime Akbaraly, Florence Portet, Sarah Fustinoni, Jean-François Dartigues, Sylvaine Artero, et al.. Leisure activities and the risk of dementia in the elderly: results from the Three-City Study.. Neurology, American Academy of Neurology, 2009, 73 (11), pp.854-61. <10.1212/WNL.0b013e3181b7849b>. <inserm-00426836>
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  • Marie-Laure Ancelin, Sylvaine Artero, Isabelle Beluche, Alain Besset, Jean-Philippe Boulenger, et al.. [The Esprit Project: a longitudinal general population study of psychiatric disorders in France in subjects over 65 years old]. Encéphale, Elsevier Masson, 2006, 32 Pt 5, pp.S615-21. <inserm-00138456>
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  • Lee-Fay Low, Karen Ritchie, Sylvaine Artero. Hostility has both positive and negative associations with cognition in old age: results from the ESPRIT study: Hostility and cognition in old age. 2010. <inserm-00457726>