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Stéphane Huot's Resume

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  • Jeronimo Barbosa, Marcelo M. Wanderley, Stéphane Huot. Exploring Playfulness in NIME Design: The Case of Live Looping Tools. NIME 2017 - 17th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, May 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark. pp.87-92, 2017, 〈〉. 〈hal-01528923〉
  • Thibault Raffaillac, Stéphane Huot, Stéphane Ducasse. Turning Function Calls Into Animations. The 9th ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems, Jun 2017, Lisbon, Portugal. ACM, pp.6, 2017, 〈〉. 〈10.1145/3102113.3102134〉. 〈hal-01564116〉
  • Johnty Wang, Joseph Malloch, Stéphane Huot, Fanny Chevalier, Marcelo Wanderley. Versioning and Annotation Support for Collaborative Mapping Design. Sound and Music Computing Conference, Jul 2017, Espoo, Finland. pp.275-278, 2017, 〈〉. 〈hal-01576143〉
  • Lénaïc Bagnères, Oleksandr Zinenko, Stéphane Huot, Cédric Bastoul. Opening Polyhedral Compiler's Black Box. CGO 2016 - 14th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization, Mar 2016, Barcelona, Spain. 〈〉. 〈hal-01253322〉
  • Géry Casiez, Stéphane Conversy, Matthieu Falce, Stéphane Huot, Nicolas Roussel. Looking through the Eye of the Mouse: A Simple Method for Measuring End-to-end Latency using an Optical Mouse. ACM Press. UIST '15, Nov 2015, Charlotte, United States. ACM, pp.629-636, 2015, UIST '15 Proceedings of the 28th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software & Technology. 〈〉. 〈10.1145/2807442.2807454〉. 〈hal-01226729〉
  • Theophanis Tsandilas, Grammatikou Magdalini, Stéphane Huot. BricoSketch: Mixing Paper and Computer Drawing Tools in Professional Illustration. International Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces (ITS'15), Nov 2015, Funchal, Portugal. pp.127-136, 2015, 〈10.1145/2817721.2817729〉. 〈hal-01207358〉
  • Jeronimo Barbosa, Joseph Malloch, Marcelo M. Wanderley, Stéphane Huot. What does " Evaluation " mean for the NIME community?. NIME 2015 - 15th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, May 2015, Baton Rouge, United States. Louisiana State University, pp.156-161, 2015, 〈〉. 〈hal-01158080〉
  • Oleksandr Zinenko, Cédric Bastoul, Stéphane Huot. Manipulating Visualization, Not Codes. International Workshop on Polyhedral Compilation Techniques (IMPACT), Jan 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands. pp.8, 〈〉. 〈hal-01100974〉
  • Alexandre Kouyoumdjian, Nicolas Ferey, Patrick Bourdot, Stéphane Huot. Characterizing the Influence of Motion Parameters on Performance when Acquiring Moving Targets. Julio Abascal; Simone Barbosa; Mirko Fetter; Tom Gross; Philippe Palanque; Marco Winckler. 15th Human-Computer Interaction (INTERACT), Sep 2015, Bamberg, Germany. Springer International Publishing, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, LNCS-9299 (Part IV), pp.148-155, 2015, Human-Computer Interaction – INTERACT 2015. 〈〉. 〈10.1007/978-3-319-22723-8_12 〉. 〈hal-01207511〉
  • Michel Beaudouin-Lafon, Stéphane Huot, Halla Olafsdottir, Pierre Dragicevic. GlideCursor: Pointing with an Inertial Cursor. International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI'14), May 2014, Como, Italy. ACM Press, 2014. 〈hal-00989252〉
  • Oleksandr Zinenko, Stéphane Huot, Cédric Bastoul. Clint: A Direct Manipulation Tool for Parallelizing Compute-Intensive Program Parts. IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC), Jul 2014, Melbourne, Australia. IEEE, pp.109-112, 2014. 〈hal-01055788〉
  • Justin Mathew, Stéphane Huot, Alan Blum. A Morphological Analysis of Audio Objects and their Control Methods for 3D Audio. Baptiste Caramiaux; Koray Tahiroğlu; Rebecca Fiebrink; Atau Tanaka. NIME 2014 - 14th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Jun 2014, London, United Kingdom. Goldsmiths University of London, 2014, 〈〉. 〈hal-01022825〉
  • Emilien Ghomi, Stéphane Huot, Olivier Bau, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon, Wendy E. Mackay. Arpège: Learning Multitouch Chord Gestures Vocabularies. ACM. Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces (ITS '13), Oct 2013, St Andrews, United Kingdom. 2013. 〈hal-00870173〉
  • Julie Wagner, Mathieu Nancel, Sean Gustafson, Stéphane Huot, Wendy E. Mackay. A Body-centric Design Space for Multi-surface Interaction. CHI'13 - 31st International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Apr 2013, Paris, France. ACM, 2013. 〈hal-00789169〉
  • Julie Wagner, Wendy E. Mackay, Stéphane Huot. Left-over Windows Cause Window Clutter... But What Causes Left-over Windows?. Ergo'IHM 2012 - 24th French Speaking Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Oct 2012, Biarritz, France. ACM, 2012, International Conference Proceedings Series. 〈hal-00776301〉
  • Can Liu, Stéphane Huot, Jonathan Diehl, Wendy E. Mackay, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon. Evaluating the Benefits of Real-time Feedback in Mobile Augmented Reality with Hand-held Devices. CHI'12 - 30th International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - 2012, May 2012, Austin, United States. ACM Press, 2012. 〈hal-00663974〉
  • Julie Wagner, Stéphane Huot, W.E. Mackay. BiTouch and BiPad: Designing Bimanual Interaction for Hand-held Tablets. CHI'12 - 30th International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - 2012, May 2012, Austin, United States. ACM Press, 2012. 〈hal-00663972〉
  • Emilien Ghomi, Guillaume Faure, Stéphane Huot, Olivier Chapuis, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon. Using Rhythmic Patterns as an Input Method. Proceedings of the 30th international conference on Human factors in computing systems, May 2012, Austin, United States. ACM, pp.1253--1262, 2012, CHI '12. 〈10.1145/2207676.2208579〉. 〈hal-00663973v2〉
  • Emmanuel Pietriga, Stéphane Huot, Mathieu Nancel, Romain Primet. Rapid Development of User Interfaces on Cluster-Driven Wall Displays with jBricks. ACM Press. EICS '11: 2nd ACM SIGCHI symposium on Engineering interactive computing systems, Jun 2011, Pisa, Italy. 2011, EICS '11: Proceedings of the 2nd ACM SIGCHI symposium on Engineering interactive computing systems. 〈inria-00582640v2〉
  • Stéphane Huot, Olivier Chapuis, Pierre Dragicevic. TorusDesktop: Pointing via the Backdoor is Sometimes Shorter. CHI '11: Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors and Computing Systems, May 2011, Vancouver, Canada. pp.829--838, 2011, 〈10.1145/1978942.1979064〉. 〈hal-00559194v3〉
  • Pierre Dragicevic, Stéphane Huot, Fanny Chevalier. Gliimpse: Animating from Markup Code to Rendered Documents and Vice-Versa. UIST 2011 - 24th ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, Oct 2011, Santa Barbara, CA, United States. 2011. 〈inria-00626259〉
  • Fanny Chevalier, Stéphane Huot, Jean-Daniel Fekete. Visualisation de mesures agrégées pour l'estimation de la qualité des articles Wikipedia. EGC 2010: Conférence Internationale Francophone sur l'Extraction et la Gestion des Connaissances, 2010, Hammamet, Tunisie. Cépaduès-Éditions, 2010, Revue des Nouvelles Technologies de l'Information RNTI-E-19. 〈inria-00550697〉
  • Fanny Chevalier, Stéphane Huot, Jean-Daniel Fekete. WikipediaViz: Conveying Article Quality for Casual Wikipedia Readers. PacificVis '10: IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium, 2010, Taipei, Taïwan. IEEE, pp.215-222, 2010. 〈inria-00550698〉
  • Caroline Appert, Stéphane Huot, Pierre Dragicevic, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon. FlowStates: prototypage d'applications interactives avec des flots de données et des machines à états. International Conference of the Association Francophone d'Interaction Homme-Machine, 2009, Grenoble, France. pp.119-128, 2009, 〈10.1145/1629826.1629845〉. 〈inria-00538598〉
  • Mathieu Nancel, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon, Stéphane Huot. Un espace de conception fondé sur une analyse morphologique des techniques de menus. IHM 2009, 21ème conférence francophone sur l'Interaction Homme-Machine, 2009, Grenoble, France. pp.ACM, International Conference Proceedings Series, 2009, 〈10.1145/1629826.1629829〉. 〈inria-00550594〉
  • Anne Roudaut, Stéphane Huot, Eric Lecolinet. TapTap and MagStick: Improving One-Handed Target Acquisition on Small Touch-screens. AVI'08, the 9th International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces, 2008, Napoli, Italy. ACM, pp.146-153, 2008, 〈10.1145/1385569.1385594〉. 〈inria-00550694〉
  • Stéphane Huot, Eric Lecolinet. Focus+Context Visualization Techniques for Displaying Large Lists with Multiple Points of Interest on Small Tactile Screens. Interact 2007, 11th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, 2007, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Springer Verlag, pp.219-233, 2007, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 〈inria-00550598〉
  • Stéphane Huot, Eric Lecolinet. ArchMenu et ThumbMenu : Contrôler son dispositif mobile "sur le pouce". IHM 2007, 19ème conférence francophone sur l'Interaction Homme-Machine, 2007, Paris, France. ACM, International Conference Proceedings Series, pp.107-110, 2007, 〈10.1145/1541436.1541457〉. 〈inria-00550593〉
  • Stéphane Huot, Eric Lecolinet. SpiraList: A Compact Visualization Technique for One-Handed Interaction with Large Lists on Mobile Devices. 4th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, NordiCHI 2006, 2006, Oslo, Norway. ACM, pp.445-448, 2006, 〈10.1145/1182475.1182533〉. 〈inria-00550600〉
  • Stéphane Huot, Pierre Dragicevic, Cédric Dumas. Flexibilité et modularité pour la conception d'interactions: Le modèle d'architecture logicielle des Graphes Combinés. 18ème conférence francophone sur l'Interaction Homme-Machine, IHM'06, 2006, Montréal, Canada. ACM, pp.43-50, 2006, 〈10.1145/1132736.1132742〉. 〈inria-00550596〉
  • Stéphane Huot, Cédric Dumas, Pierre Dragicevic, Gérard Hégron, Jean-Daniel Fekete. The MaggLite Post-WIMP Toolkit: Draw It, Connect It and Run It. ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST 2004), 2004, Santa Fe, NM, United States. ACM, 5(2), pp.257-266, 2004, CHI Letters. 〈10.1145/1029632.1029677〉. 〈inria-00550595〉
  • Stéphane Huot, Cédric Dumas, Gérard Hégron. Svalabard: Une table à dessin virtuelle pour la modélisation 3D. Actes de la 16ème conférence francophone sur l'Interaction Homme-Machine, IHM 2004, 2004, Namur, Belgique. pp.85-92, 2004, 〈10.1145/1148613.1148626〉. 〈inria-00550691〉
  • Stéphane Huot, Cédric Dumas, Gérard Hégron. Toward Creative 3D Modeling: an Architects' Sketches Study. Proceedings of the 9th IFIP TC13 International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (INTERACT'03), 2003, Zurich, Switzerland. IOS Press, pp.785-788, 2003. 〈inria-00550591〉
  • Pierre Dragicevic, Stéphane Huot. SpiraClock: a continuous and non-intrusive display for upcoming events. CHI '02 extended abstracts on Human factors in computer systems, 2002, Minneapolis, MN, United States. ACM Press, pp.604-605, 2002, 〈10.1145/506443.506505〉. 〈inria-00550599〉

Brevet1 document

  • Stéphane Conversy, Géry Casiez, Matthieu Falce, Stéphane Huot, Nicolas Roussel. Arrangement to measure and use latency between an input interface and an output interface of a processing device. France, Patent n° : European application number 15306665.9. 2015. 〈hal-01252627〉

Autre publication3 documents

  • Marcelo Wanderley, Joseph Malloch, Jérémie Garcia, Wendy E. Mackay, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon, et al.. Human Computer Interaction meets Computer Music: The MIDWAY Project. 2016. 〈hal-01370588〉
  • Pierre Dragicevic, Fanny Chevalier, Stéphane Huot. Running an HCI Experiment in Multiple Parallel Universes. CHI '14 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems. 2014, pp.607-618. 〈10.1145/2559206.2578881〉. 〈hal-00976507〉
  • Can Liu, Jonathan Diehl, Stéphane Huot, Jan Borchers. Mobile Augmented Note-taking to Support Operating Physical Devices. Mobile Augmented Reality: Design Issues and Opportunities - 1st Workshop on Mobile Augmented Real.. 2011. 〈inria-00626260〉

Rapport1 document

  • Stéphane Huot, Mathieu Nancel, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon. PushMenu: Extending Marking Menus for Pressure-Enabled Input Devices. [Research Report] LRI-RR1502, 2008, pp.4. 〈inria-00550597〉

Thèse1 document

  • Stéphane Huot. Une nouvelle approche pour la conception créative: De l'interprétation du dessin à main levée au prototypage d'interactions non-standard. Interface homme-machine [cs.HC]. Université de Nantes, 2005. Français. 〈tel-00010210〉

HDR1 document

  • Stéphane Huot. 'Designeering Interaction': A Missing Link in the Evolution of Human-Computer Interaction. Human-Computer Interaction [cs.HC]. Université Paris Sud - Paris XI, 2013. 〈tel-00823763〉