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Stephane Gauthier personal webpage

Welcome to my homepage. I am full professor of economics at the University of Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne, research fellow at Centre d'Economie de la Sorbonne and associate professor at Paris School of Economics.


My research interests lie in the field of:
         . public economics, especially economics of taxation
         . the theory and justifications of the rational expectations hypothesis


Stephane Gauthier
Maison des Sciences Economiques
106-112, boulevard de l'Hopital
75013 Paris
Phone: +33(1)44078289

Other publications7 documents

  • Gabriel Desgranges, Stéphane Gauthier. Rationalizability and Efficiency in an Asymmetric Cournot Oligopoly. 2015. ⟨halshs-00975002v3⟩
  • Stéphane Gauthier, Guy Laroque. Redistribution by Means of Lotteries. 2015. ⟨hal-01158155⟩
  • Stéphane Gauthier, Fanny Henriet. Many-Person Ramsey Rule and Nonlinear Income Taxation. 2015. ⟨halshs-01164011⟩
  • Philippe Choné, Stéphane Gauthier. Optimal Rationing within a Heterogeneous Population. 2014. ⟨halshs-00983063⟩
  • Gabriel Desgranges, Stéphane Gauthier. Privileged information exacerbates market volatility. 2011. ⟨halshs-00639813⟩
  • Stéphane Gauthier. Optimal Tax Base with Administrative fixed Costs. 2011. ⟨halshs-00639800⟩
  • Stéphane Gauthier, Guy Laroque. On the value of randomization. 2011. ⟨halshs-00639834v2⟩

Journal articles26 documents

Books1 document

  • Stéphane Gauthier. Macroéconomie : modèles dynamiques. Economica, pp.315, 2012, Corpus Economie, 978-2-7178-5928-7. ⟨hal-00858281⟩

Book sections1 document

  • Stéphane Gauthier, Roger Guesnerie. Comparing Expectational Stability Criteria in Dynamic Models: A Preparatory Overview. Roger Guesnerie. Assessing Rational Expectations. 2. "Eductive" Stability in Economics, MIT Press, pp.343-379, 2005, 0-262-07258-0. ⟨hal-00731535⟩

Preprints, Working Papers, ...8 documents

  • Stéphane Gauthier, Guy Laroque. Certainty Equivalence and Noisy Redistribution. 2021. ⟨halshs-03359574⟩
  • Stéphane Gauthier. Height Growth from Exhaustive Historical Panel Data. 2021. ⟨halshs-03117083⟩
  • Alexandra Belova, Philippe Gagnepain, Stéphane Gauthier. An assessment of Nash equilibria in the airline industry. 2020. ⟨halshs-02932780⟩
  • Stéphane Gauthier, Fanny Henriet. A Fuel Tax Decomposition When Local Pollution Matters. 2018. ⟨halshs-01826330⟩
  • Stéphane Gauthier, Guy Laroque. Production Efficiency and Profit Taxation. 2017. ⟨halshs-01622337⟩
  • Stéphane Gauthier, Taraneh Tabatabai. How incentives matter ? An illustration from the Targeted Subsidies reform in Iran. 2017. ⟨halshs-01545856⟩
  • Stéphane Gauthier, Fanny Henriet. Consumption taxes and taste heterogeneity. 2016. ⟨halshs-01252563⟩
  • Stéphane Gauthier, Taraneh Tabatabai. How incentives matter ? An illustration from the Targeted Subsidies reform in Iran. 2016. ⟨halshs-01542799⟩