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St├ęphane Binet CV



·        Diffuse pollution and agriculture – catchment hydrology – vulnerability – dissolved transport of elements.

·        Wetland groundwater / surface water interactions – Organic carbon export

·        Soil acidification and carbonates weathering – karst evolution – carbon fluxes (organic and inorganic, pesticides, plastic)


·        Long term groundwater monitoring (high frequency water quality monitoring)

·        Hydrogeological, geological and geophysical mapping (GIS)

·        Numerical modelling: Groundwater flow and groundwater reactive transport (Modflow, Feeflow, Comsol, PhreeqC)

Current applications:

·        Water resource management in karst areas

·        Mountain hydrology and hydrochemistry

·        Carbon fluxes from soils to river

Academic degrees :

2018: HDR Thesis: Transient storage in aquifers and anthropogenic impacts: implications for water, carbon and contaminant transfer towards the rivers. Jury members: Aquilina, L., Dassargue, A., Gaillardet, J. Laggoun, F. Massei, N. Probst, A.

• 2002-2006: Thesis:  Variability of groundwater chemistry in fractured rock slopes: an instantaneous marker of deformations. A multi-scale approach applied to the La Clapière landslide, (France) and the Rosone unstable slope (Italy)

Supervision: J. Mudry (Besançon), Y. Guglielmi (Nice) et C. Scavia (Politecnico di Torino, Italy).

               Distinction: AGU 2005: Outstanding student awards - S.Binet, C.Bertrand, Y.Guglielmi, J.Mudry, C.Scavia, C.Troisi (2005) Water Sulfate Concentration Variability In Fractured Rock Slopes: An Instantaneous Marker Of Deformation. American Geosciences Union – San Francisco – USA (Poster, Geophysical Research Abstracts FM05: H41F 0475)

2001: Master in hydrogeology Univsersity of Besançon, France


Groundwater hydrology, water resources and water management for engineers.

Field trips in geology and hydrogeology.

Other activities:

Journal of Hydrology (9), Hydrogeology Journal (7), Environmental Earth Sciences (4), water (3), hydrological Processes (2), Applied Geochemistry (2)


·        Member of the International association of hydrogeologist (IAH)

·        Member of OZCAR: French network of Critical Zone Observatories: Research and Applications

·        Expert for the French government concerning Karst collapses and Water resources preservation