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Spase Petkoski

After studying electrical engineering and information technologies in Skopje, I enrolled to a PhD program in the Biomedical and Nonlinear Physics at Lancaster University. I graduated in 2014 after obtaining a distinction as a best international student at the Physics Department.
Since then, I have been working as a postdoctoral researcher at Theoretical Neuroscience Group of the Institute of Systems Neurosciences in Marseille, led by Viktor Jirsa. From 2017 I’m also part of the HBP.
My research focus is at the intersection of nonlinear dynamics and computational neuroscience. More specifically, I’m interested in the synchronization and emergent dynamics, and in their application to modeling large-scale brain dynamics. Besides the more theoretical background on the Kuramoto oscillators, at INS I have been using the brain-network modelling paradigm to study the effect of time-delays on the synchronization between brain regions, as well as the network impact from the lesions in the structural links. The former is applied in the study of connectome changes due to processes.


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