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Head of Flow Cytometry Platform/ CB UTechS

Sophie Novault has joined the Institut Pasteur in January 2014 as a head of the flow cytometry platform, to initiate change, reorganize the team and manage the resources. Previously, she worked for ten years for a worldwide flow company, Becton Dickinson Biosciences (BD), first as an Application Specialist and then as the director of Training Center France. As a member of the European BD working group she participated to evaluation of new technologies. During the years spent at BD Sophie Novault acquired a high technical expertise in flow cytometry and cell sorting, and has developed a real sense of service activity and means to meet user’s satisfaction.

Since the creation of the Center for Translational Science of the Institut Pasteur (CRT), and subsequently of the CB UTechS Sophie Novault has been responsible of the Cytometry Activity/Platform. She has been using her experience and expertise to develop new methods and applications of existing equipment, ensure the implementation of new, emerging technologies for flow cytometry and to provide excellence in training and teaching of the community.


Ingénieur, Expert en Ingénierie de Biotechnologies,(BAC+5, Supbiotech).

Licence/Certificat d’Etudes Spécialisées en Recherche Biomédicale «option Immunologie».

Brevet de Technicien Supérieur en « Analyses biologiques ».ESTBA

Baccalauréat D.Lycée Condorcet

Professional experience

2016- present       Institut Pasteur, Paris, Responsible for Flow Cytometry platform of the CB UTechS

2014-2016             Institut Pasteur, Paris, Head of Flow Cytometry platform

2010-2013            BD Biosciences, Europe, Coordinator of the Training Center France

Technical Skills

Fields of expertise: flow cytometry, cell sorting, high-end flow instrumentation, training and education, fluorescence, multi-dimensional data analysis, single cell applications of flow cytometry, different techniques of cell biology and immunology.

Teaching Activities

2015 – present     Institut Pasteur (with Universities Paris V, VI and VII) “Advanced course of Immunology program” for M2 students

2017 – present     Institut Pasteur (with the HR Training department) “Basics of Flow Cytometry and Cell sorting”

Organizer and teacher in the 1-week long Theoretical and Practical Work

2018 ISAC international workshop Co-organizer and teacher in the 3-weeks long Practical Work

Associations & Membership:

2018 – present     Member of Core for Life, European Cytometry working group 2017 – present

2018 – present     Member of Core Technologies for Life Sciences (CTLS)

2015 – present     Member of International Association of Advanced Cytometry (ISAC)

2015 – present     Member of Association Française de Cytométrie (AFC)

Journal articles11 documents

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