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Scott A. Walter

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  • Scott Walter. Mathematics and the wireless world: Session "Between utility and discipline in interwar physics". Annual meeting of the History of Science Society, Nov 2017, Toronto, Canada. 2017. 〈halshs-01615114〉
  • Scott Walter. Electron theory, ether, and spacetime, 1904-1919. Ether and modernity, Mar 2017, San Sebastian, Spain. 2017. 〈halshs-01618980〉
  • Scott Walter. French projects in digital epistemology and history of science and technology. . Annual meeting of the Digital History and Philosophy of Science consortium: "Varieties of digital history and philosophy of science", Aug 2016, Norman, United States. 〈hal-01615124〉
  • Scott Walter. The theory of wireless devices, 1906-1922. Interactions of interwar physics, Dec 2016, Budapest, Hungary. 2016. 〈halshs-01618959〉
  • Scott Walter. Science and technology in Göttingen's golden era: the first Wolfskehl lectures. A richer picture of mathematics: a symposium in honor of Professor David Rowe, May 2016, Mayence, Germany. 2015. 〈halshs-01619033〉
  • Scott Walter. Scientist-engineers, electron theory, and early wireless technology. Interactions of Interwar Physics: Technology, Instruments and Other Sciences, Oct 2015, Tel Aviv, Israel. 2015. 〈halshs-01619035〉
  • Scott Walter. Radio telemetry and the birth of spacetime conventionalism. Fourth Physics and Philosophy Conference, Jul 2015, Split, Croatia. 2015. 〈halshs-01619038〉
  • Scott Walter. Poincaré on clocks and radio waves in the ether. Session Sa4, New perspectives on the ether in early twentieth-century physics and art, Annual Meeting, History of Science Society, San Francisco, Nov 2015, San Francisco, United States. 〈halshs-01618992〉
  • Scott Walter. Les modèles de la structure de l'univers vers 1915. Colloque Cathy Dufour 2015, La relativité générale a 100 ans et alors?, Nov 2015, Nancy, France. 2015. 〈halshs-01618994〉
  • Scott Walter. L'ordre rationnel contre l'ordre logique au début du XXe siècle : Poincaré lecteur de Cournot. La transversalité de la notion d’ordre au XIXe siècle : Sciences, philosophie et art, Jun 2015, Nantes, France. 2015. 〈halshs-01619032〉

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