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Ph.D. Candidate - CentraleSupélec

Thesis title : Innovative last mile transportation service-system design and modeling

To promote sustainable mobility, it is important not only to develop the public transportation infrastructures but also to improve its accessibility in parallel. In fact many residences, businesses and other facilities are situated farther than an easy walking distance to a transit or bus station. This gap from public transport to destination is defined as the «last mile problem». In order to provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions some first- and last-mile services have been introduced in the recent decade. From bicycle-sharing to car- and ride-sharing. Considering that many developments took place recently regarding automated vehicles (AVs) technology, the idea of application of such solution also have appeared in order to solve the last mile problem. AVs are expected to become operationally available in the market in 2020, but till that time a lot needs to be figure out. Such last-mile systems based on AVs can have multiple design, operational configurations and scenarios, each of them having very different impacts on the transportation and economic system, as well as on individual choices themselves.

This thesis aims to explore the possibility of developing the last mile innovative services in the context of multi-modal transportation. By positioning the AVs among the major alternatives, this thesis outlines also the design and modeling of shared autonomous taxis when they are applied for a multimodal integrated transportation system.


Communication dans un congrès2 documents

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  • Joseph Kamel, Reza Vosooghi, Jakob Puchinger, Feirouz Ksontini, Göknur Sirin. Exploring the Impact of User Preferences on Shared Autonomous Vehicle Modal Split: A Multi-Agent Simulation Approach. 2018. 〈hal-01862208〉