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Article dans une revue4 documents

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Direction d'ouvrage, Proceedings2 documents

  • Rémy Mullot, Régis Clouard, Patrick Lambert. Système de Vision, revue Traitement du signal, Volume 24, N°5. Traitement du Signal, pp.75, 2007. <hal-00495762>
  • Rémy Mullot. Les documents écrits : de la numérisation à l'indexation par le contenu, Direction Traité IC2. Hermès Sciences, pp.380, 2006. <hal-00495759>

Communication dans un congrès3 documents

  • Van-Toi Nguyen, Thi-Thanh-Hai Tran, Thi Lan Le, Rémy Mullot, Vincent Courboulay. Using hand postures for interacting with assistant robot in library. 1st International Workshop on Pattern Recognition for Multimedia Content Analysis, Oct 2015, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. pp.35-39. <hal-01371666>
  • Van-Toi Nguyen, Rémy Mullot, Thi-Thanh-Hai Tran, Thi Lan Le. A Method For Hand Detection Using Internal Features And Active Boosting-Based Learning Categoriesand Subject Descriptors. 4th International Symposium on Information and Communication Technology, Dec 2013, Danang, Vietnam. pp.213-221. <hal-01371670>
  • Van-Toi Nguyen, Thi Lan Le, Thi-Thanh-Hai Tran, Rémy Mullot, Vincent Courboulay. A method for hand detection based on Internal Haar-like features and Cascaded AdaBoost Classifier. The International Conference on Communications and Electronics, Aug 2012, Hue, Vietnam. <hal-01371672>