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Rémy LE BOENNEC, Researcher in Environmental Economics


Research interests:


Environmental Economics

Urban Economics

Spatial Econometrics

Decision Aid 






Since May, 2016 : Researcher in Economics and Sustainable Development, VEDECOM Institute, Versailles, France

                    and Associate researcher to the Laboratoire Genie Industriel (LGI), CentraleSupélec, University of Paris Saclay, France

Research project: We analyze the issues relative to mobility behavior, in the context of abundant emerging solutions: carpooling, car-sharing, VTC, on-demand transport...The acceleration of digital facilitates innovative offers. We use a multicriteria analysis to assess these offers one by one by deconstructing them. We identify and quantify the obstacles and incentives for the more regular use of sustainable modes of transportation by exclusive car-drivers. We develope territorialized mobility scenarios. We recompose hybrid solutions from the weaknesses and strengths of the individual solutions assessed.


December, 2013 to April, 2016: in charge of housing policies combined with mobility patterns, Département de Loire-Atlantique, Nantes, France

October, 2013: PhD in Environmental Economics, University of Nantes, France







        Published papers in a peer-reviewed journal


1.      “The impact of air pollution and noise on the real estate market. The case of the 2013 European Green Capital: Nantes, France (with F. Salladarré), Ecological Economics, n° 138, 82-89, August, 2017


2.    Nouvelles centralités, choix modal et nouvelles politiques de déplacements : le cas nantais (with F. Sari), Les Cahiers Scientifiques du Transport, n° 67, 55-86, June, 2015


3.       Externalités de pollution versus économies d’agglomération : le péage urbain, un instrument environnemental adapté ?, Revue d’Économie Régionale et Urbaine,(1), 3-31, June, 2014



        Submitted paper to a peer-reviewed journal


4.       « Smart mobility providing smart cities » (with I. Nicolaï), submitted as a book chapter, February, 2017


5.    “Urban transport policies and housing values: evidence from apartments in Nantes”

(with D. Brécard), submitted to Economie et Statistique, October, 2016


        Research report


6.       « Évaluation du Plan de Déplacements Urbains de Nantes Métropole : étude des effets de capitalisation immobilière des politiques de transports urbains, avec application au cas de l’agglomération nantaise dans la décennie 2000 », research report of the 5th task of the French Research Agency (ANR), Sustainable Cities program, June, 2012


        Work in progress


7.       Evaluating sustainable transportation offers through housing price: a
comparative analysis of Nantes urban and suburban areas (France) » (with J. Bulteau et T. Feuillet)     






  International Conferences


1.    Transport Research Arena, 2018, Vienna, Austria (forthcoming, abstract accepted)   

2.    International annual conference of the Armand Peugeot foundation, 2016, Paris, France

3.      Annual conference of the International Transportation Economics Association (ITEA-KuhmoNectar), 2015, Oslo, Norway

4.       64th annual meeting of the French economics association (AFSE), 2015, Rennes, France

5.       13th International Spatial Econometrics and statistics Workshop (SEW), 2014, Toulon, France

6.       1st Workshop on non market valuation (WONV), 2013, Nantes, France

7.       10th Augustin Cournot Doctoral Days (ACDD), 2013, Strasbourg, France

8.       5th Doctoral Meeting of Montpellier (DMM), 2013, Montpellier, France

9.       13th World Conference on Transportation Research (WCTR), 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (paper accepted, non presented)

10.       19th Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE), 2012, Prague, Czech Republic

11.   “Environmental federalism : the political economy of the design of local taxation and environmental protection”, 2011, Ancona, Italy


  International Summer Schools


1. The Versailles International Summer School of Sustainable Mobility, 2017, Versailles, France

2. Belpasso International Summer School,“Sustainable Development: Theory and Measurement Methods”, 2012, Belpasso, Italy


  National Conferences


1.    5th annual workshop of the Armand Peugeot foundation, 2017, La Défense

2.   The meetings of smart mobility, 44th ATEC-ITS France congress, 2017, Montrouge, France

3.   11th annual conference « Territories, Space and Public Policies » (TEPP), 2014, Nantes, France

4.    5th euro-méditerranean doctoriades, 2013, Toulon, France

5.   49th congress of the French Regional Science Association (ASRDLF), 2012, Belfort, France

6.   29th Applied Microeconomics days (JMA), 2012, Brest, France

7.  « Sustainable development, territories and firm location: towards sustainable attractiveness? », 2011, Bordeaux, France

8.   5th Economics and Space days (J2E), 2011, Lyon, France

9.  14th Éric Tabourin doctoral day of the French association of the transportation and logistics institutes (AFITL), 2009, Champs-sur-Marne, France


  Invited seminars


1.   LEF, May 26th, 2015, INRA, Nancy, France

2.   METAFORT, May 26th, 2015, IRSTEA, Clermont-Ferrand, France (visioconference)

3.   GREThA, May 6th, 2014, University of Bordeaux IV, France

4.   CIRED, February 4th, 2014, Nogent-sur-Marne, France

5.   SMART-LERECO, January 21st, 2014, INRA and Agrocampus Ouest, Rennes, France

6.   CESAER-INRA, November 25th, 2013, INRA and Agrosup, Dijon, France





1.   Preselection for the reward of the PhD thesis about cities (PUCA, APERAU, FNAU), 2014. Preselected thesis (9 preselected thesis for 66 applications)

2.   1st Workshop on non market valuation, 2013, Nantes, France: EAERE reward

Article dans une revue1 document

Communication dans un congrès1 document

  • Remy Le Boennec, Pascal Da Costa, Isabelle Nicolaï. Can single-driver car-users become multimodal travelers? A multi-actor multicriteria analysis. Expert Workshop: V2X User perception, Business Models and Regulatory Framework, Oct 2016, Paris, France. 〈hal-01498696〉

Pré-publication, Document de travail2 documents

  • Rémy Le Boennec. Nouvelles centralités, choix modal et politiques de déplacements " 2.0 " : Le cas Nantais. 2014. 〈hal-00958700〉
  • Dorothée Brécard, Bernard Fritsch, Rémy Le Boennec. Plans de déplacements urbains et capitalisation immobilière : le cas des appartements de l'agglomération nantaise.. 2013. 〈hal-00781966〉