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Dr. Philippe Lesot (Director of research / Senior scientist)

CNRS Director of research (INC, S-12)
(Research PI) "NMR methodologies and anisotropic deuterium NMR applications"

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-5811-7530
Researcher ID: M-3390-2017
Publons ID: Philippe Lesot

RMN en Milieu Orienté, ICMMO, UMR-CNRS 8182, Bât. 410
Université de Paris-Sud / Paris-Saclay 91405 Orsay cedex, Fra


Tél  : ++ 33 (0)1 69 15 47 59 / 70 17 // Fax. : ++ 33 (0)1 69 15 81 05



Dr. Philippe Lesot, born in October 1967, has been Research Director since 2007 at Institut de Chimie Moléculaire et des Materiaux d’Orsay (ICMMO) (France) located at Orsay (University of Paris-Sud/Paris-Saclay).  He is affiliated to the french National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS since 1997.  

He received his Ph.D degree (cum laudae) at University of Paris-Sud (Orsay) in 1995 (supervisor: Prof. J. Courtieu), and then pursued his NMR research activities at University of Southampton (UK) with Prof. J.W. Emsley, awarded by both a grant from the Royal Society of London and the French Foreign Ministry (Lavoisier).  

After holding a temporary assistant professor position at Orsay for one year, he joined the CNRS in 1997.  He was a recipient of the 2001 Bronze Medal from CNRS for young scientists for his pioneering work on the Natural abundance 2D-NMR spectroscopy in chiral liquid crystals.

He has published over 110 publications in international, peer-review journals, 10 bbok chapters inclused two encyclopedian and given approx. 55 invited talks on the analytical and methodological developments in anisotropic NMR in collaboration with numerous (bio)chemists.  His current research interests focus on the natural isotope fractionation of bioproducts by anisotropic NAD NMR and the fight against counterfeiting.



* Scientific board of the INC (CNRS)(2019-2024)  

* Member of S-12 du CoNRS (2008-2016)

* Board of the Academic Council of the COMUE Paris-Saclay (2015-2019)



* Associated Editors of Magnetic Resonance (MR)

* Academic Editors of Concept in Magnetic Resonance A


* Member of editorial borad of "Spectra Analyse" PCI presse, (2014-2018)


* Board of the "Société Française des IsotopeS" (SFIS)

* Member of  the India National Magnetic Resonance Society (NMRS) 


* Expert for the French MESRI (BAP B) 

* Expert for the «DFG» (Deutsche ForschungsGemeinschaft /Allemagne)
* Expert for the «Volskwagen Freigeist fellowships» (
* Expert «European Science Fundation »  (

* Expert «HCERES / AERES»
* Expert «ANR»
* Expert «Agences régionales»   

Chairman and expert of selection committees (ITRF, ITA, Assistant reader,  


- DR2 at CNRS (2007-2019)
- CR1 at CNRS (1997 -2007)
- CR2 at CNRS (1997 -2000)
- Assistant lecturer (Univ Paris-Sud) (1996 -1997)
- Post-Doctoral researcher (University of Southamptopn, UK) (1995-1996)
- Thesis (1992-1995)


* Bronze medal of CNRS (2001)
* Royal Society of London fellowship (1995-1996)
* Lavoisier Grant (1995-1996)


* Scientific book chapters : 9
* Other book chapters : 2
* Communications : 19
* Full articles : 80
* Review/feature articles : 9
* Miscellaneous : 12

* Invited talks:  : 33
* Seminars : 22
* Oral communications : 67
* Posters : 56


* "Thematic GBP NMR network" conference, France, Paris (2020)
* "GBP NMR network" Workshop, France, Orsay (2020)
* "7th Congress of SFIS, France (2019)
* "1st JFPSA", Marocco, Marrakesh, (2017)
* "Thematic GBP NMR network" conference ,France, Paris (2014)
* "GBP NMR network" Workshop, France, Orsay (2014)



"Richard J Robins"   

Journal articles3 documents

  • Tristan Texier-Bonniot, Philippe Berdague, Richard J. Robins, Gerald Remaud, Philippe Lesot. Analytical contribution of deuterium 2D-NMR in oriented media to H-2/H-1 isotopic characterization: the case of vanillin. Flavour and Fragrance Journal, 2018, 33 (3), pp.217-229. ⟨10.1002/ffj.3441⟩. ⟨hal-02140951⟩
  • Isabelle Billault, Alicia Le Du, Minale Ouethrani, Zeinab Serhan, Philippe Lesot, et al.. Probing substrate-product relationships by natural abundance deuterium 2D NMR spectroscopy in liquid-crystalline solvents: epoxidation of linoleate to vernoleate by two different plant enzymes. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2012, 402 (9), pp.2985-2998. ⟨10.1007/s00216-012-5748-6⟩. ⟨hal-02142700⟩
  • Vincent Baillif, Richard J. Robins, Steven Le Feunteun, Philippe Lesot, Isabelle Billault. Investigation of Fatty Acid Elongation and Desaturation Steps in Fusarium lateritium by Quantitative Two-dimensional Deuterium NMR Spectroscopy in Chiral Oriented Media. Journal of Biological Chemistry, American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2009, 284 (16), pp.10783-10792. ⟨10.1074/jbc.M807826200⟩. ⟨hal-02143940⟩

Book sections1 document

  • Richard J Robins, Gérald Remaud, Isabelle Billault, Philippe Lesot. Isotope Ratio Monitoring by NMR. Part 2: New Applications in the Field of Defining Biosynthesis. Ed. G. Webb. Modern Magnetic Resonance,2nd Edition, Springer International Publishing, pp.1-26, 2016, 978-3-319-28275-6. ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-28275-6 9-1 ⟩. ⟨hal-02321193⟩