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Short Bio

Philippe Ciuciu is Principal Investigator at NeuroSpin, the largest high field MRI center in France dedicated to cognitive and clinical neuroscience. His research interests are inter-disciplininary ranging from signal and image processing to functional brain imaging (fMRI, MEG) for applications to cognitive neuroscience (multi-perceptual learning, plasticity) and clinical trials in Alzheimer's disease and neurological disorders (Stroke).

Research interests:


  1. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
    Compressed sensing, Variable density sampling, Parallel Imaging, k-space trajectories, High resolution (space/time) imaging, Reconstruction, 
     Proximal methods, Wavelets, Frames, parallel computing.
  2. Functional neuroimaging
    • Hemodynamics: functional MRI, Blood Oxygen Level Dependent, 
      Cerebral blood flow, Arterial spin labelling, evoked activity, Detection-Estimation, Bayesian inference, MCMC, variational approximations, Functional brain parcellation.
    • Scale-free brain dynamics
      Magnetoencephalography (MEG), o
      ngoing activity, self-similarity, sequential neural processing, Multifractal Analysis, parallel neural multiplexing, functional connectivity, fractal connectivity.
  3. Cognitive neuroscience: multi-perceptual learning, auditory/visual binding, plasticity.

Industrial interests:



  1. Patenting new MRI reconstruction algorithms for dynamic parallel imaging.
  2. Clinical trials for testing new drugs for Alzheimer's disease by developing new functional biomarkers.