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  • Sophie Saunier, Albane Bizet, Flora Silbermann, Emilie Filhol, Thierry Blisnick, et al.. Alteration of nephrocystins and IFT-A proteins causes similar ciliary phenotypes leading to Nephronophthisis. First International Cilia in Development and Disease Scientific Conference, May 2012, London, United Kingdom. 1 (Suppl 1), pp.P99, 2012, 〈10.1186/2046-2530-1-S1-P99〉. 〈inserm-00752970〉

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  • Diego Huet, Sylvie Perrot, Thierry Blisnick, Philippe Bastin. The role of G proteins in the control of intraflagellar transport. First International Cilia in Development and Disease Scientific Conference, May 2012, Londres, United Kingdom. 1 (Suppl 1), pp.P24, 2012, 〈〉. 〈pasteur-00752960〉
  • Philippe Bastin, D Julkowska, I Subota, L Vincensini, Thierry Blisnick, et al.. Sub-localisation of novel proteins with unique dynamics during assembly and maintenance of the eukaryotic flagellum. First International Cilia in Development and Disease Scientific Conference, May 2012, London, United Kingdom. Cilia, 1 (Suppl 1), pp.P13, 2012, 〈10.1186/2046-2530-1-S1-P13〉. 〈pasteur-00752957〉