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Philippe Amiel

Philippe Amiel (born in1956) is a French sociologist and jurist specialized in public health and in health law.

Master in Ethnomethodology and PhD in Law, he has led the Research Unit in the Social and Human Sciences (2005-2015) of the Institut Gustave-Roussy in Villejuif (France)—a leading cancer care center in Europe—whithin which he produced numerous works on cancer survivorhip.

At the interface of Law and Sociology, he has worked on the organisation and law of clinical trials (Des cobayes et des hommes : expérimentation sur l’être humain et justice, Paris: Belles Lettres, 2011).

He publised a manual on Ethnomethodology (Ethnométhodologie appliquée, Lema, 2010) and was the editor (with A. Fagot-Largeault) of the thesis of Pierre-Charles Bongrand on human experimentation L’expérimentation sur l’homme, sa valeur scientifique, sa légitimité, Villejuif, Presses de l’Institut Gustave Roussy | IgrPress, 2011).

Professor at University of Paris 8 (2003 à 2009) where he created a master diploma in Hospital Law, he currently teaches at University of Montpellier and at Paris Diderot University where he is co-director of a postoctoral diploma in Medico-legal expertise law (

Philippe Amiel is a member of the Committee "Ethics & Cancer" (under the aegis of the French League against Cancer) and of the INSERM's Ethics Review Committe (CCEI-IRB

He was made "chevalier" of the "Ordre des Palmes académiques" in 2007.



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