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Paul-Gauthier Noé - CV

I am currently a PhD student in Computer Science at Avignon Université under the supervision of Jean-François Bonastre and Driss Matrouf. I am working for the international JST-ANR VoicePersonae project and my main research interests are Speaker Recognition, Speaker Characterisation and Privacy in Speech.




Teaching Experience:

at Avignon Université:

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Conference papers5 documents

  • Paul-Gauthier Noé, Mohammad Mohammadamini, Driss Matrouf, Titouan Parcollet, Andreas Nautsch, et al.. Adversarial Disentanglement of Speaker Representation for Attribute-Driven Privacy Preservation. Interspeech 2021, Aug 2021, Brno, Czech Republic. ⟨hal-03046920v3⟩
  • Natalia Tomashenko, Brij Mohan Lal Srivastava, Xin Wang, Emmanuel Vincent, Andreas Nautsch, et al.. Introducing the VoicePrivacy initiative. INTERSPEECH 2020, Oct 2020, Shanghai, China. ⟨hal-02562199v3⟩
  • Mohammad Mohammadamini, Driss Matrouf, Paul-Gauthier Noé. Denoising x-vectors for Robust Speaker Recognition. Odyssey 2020 The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop, Nov 2020, Tokyo, Japan. pp.75-80, ⟨10.21437/Odyssey.2020-11⟩. ⟨hal-02614616⟩
  • Paul-Gauthier Noé, Jean-François Bonastre, Driss Matrouf, Natalia Tomashenko, Andreas Nautsch, et al.. Speech Pseudonymisation Assessment Using Voice Similarity Matrices. Interspeech 2020, Oct 2020, Shanghai, China. ⟨hal-02925559⟩
  • Paul-Gauthier Noé, Titouan Parcollet, Mohamed Morchid. CGCNN: COMPLEX GABOR CONVOLUTIONAL NEURAL NETWORK ON RAW SPEECH. ICASSP 2020, May 2020, Barcelona, Spain. ⟨hal-02474746⟩