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Professional Career





Contractual Lecturer (~100 hours / year) and Internship Supervisor
in Computer Science
Master II (Department of Mathematics), Engineering School (ESIREM),
and Technician Training (IUT)
Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté (UBFC)
Dijon - France


Linux, networks, security
Embedded programming (Linux / Raspberry Pi)
Human-Machine Interfaces (C++ / Qt)





Research Engineer
at the french National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)
Laboratory for Research on Learning and Development (LEAD)
CNRS – Université de Bourgogne (uB) [UMR5022]
Dijon - France

Application development, data acquisition and processing
in psychology, neurosciences and neuro-inspired computer science

Prevention Assistant for Health, Safety and Environnement





Advancement to the grade of Research Engineer 1st Class





Research Engineer at the CNRS
Hubert Curien Multidisciplinary Institute (IPHC)
CNRS – Université de Strasbourg (UMR7178)
Strasbourg - France

Data acquisition in bio-medical imaging





Research Engineer at the CNRS
Institute for Research in Subatomic Physics (IReS)
CNRS – Université Strasbourg I Louis Pasteur (UMR7500)
Strasbourg - France

Data acquisition in bio-medical imaging





Software development engineer
Cirpack (IP, ATM, et TDM telecommunication)
Suresnes - Paris - France

Driver - application interfaces





Final year project
Institut für Nachrichtentechnik (Institute for Communication Technics)
Universität Karlsruhe (TH) [University of Karlsruhe]

Multi-user detection with neural nets for UMTS telecommunication





Engineer internship
Crouzet Automatismes
Valence - France

Measures and tests for inductive proximity detectors




University Degrees





Master Of Science
Université de Karlsruhe (TH)


Engineer diploma (Good mention)
School for Electronics and Telecommunications (ENSERG)
National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble (INPG)

Engineer diploma (Good mention)
Universität Karlsruhe (TH)





First-Aid Certificate














Personal Activities









Journal articles6 documents

  • Thomas Jacquet, Bénédicte Poulin-Charronnat, P. Bard, Romuald Lepers. Persistence of mental fatigue on motor control. Frontiers in Psychology, Frontiers Media, 2021, 11, pp.588253. ⟨10.3389/fpsyg.2020.588253⟩. ⟨hal-03094652⟩
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Conference papers3 documents

  • Benjamin Pageaux, Thomas Jacquet, Patrick Bard, Philippe Pfister, Bénédicte Poulin-Charronnat, et al.. Prolonged motor imagery increases motor-related cortical potential amplitude and perception of effort during imagined and actual isometric knee extensions. 22nd Annual Congress of the of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS), European College of Sport Science, Jul 2017, Essen, Germany. ⟨hal-01679681⟩
  • Laurie Porte, Jean-Michel Boucheix, Mireille Bétrancourt, Richard Lowe, Patrick Bard. Dynamic spatial abilities and learning from animation. EARLI SIG 2 Conference: Comprehension of Text and Graphics, Learning from Text and Graphics in a World of Diversity, EARLI SIG 2, Jul 2016, Genève, Switzerland. pp.145-148. ⟨hal-01424941⟩
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Poster communications6 documents

  • Thomas Jacquet, Bénédicte Poulin-Charronnat, Romuald Lepers, Patrick Bard, Philippe Pfister, et al.. Effet de l’imagerie motrice prolongée sur la perception de l’effort et ses corrélats neuronaux. 17ème Congrès international de l’ACAPS (Association des Chercheurs en Activités Physiques et Sportives), Oct 2017, Dijon, France. ⟨hal-01798985⟩
  • Thomas Jacquet, Bénédicte Poulin-Charronnat, Romuald Lepers, Patrick Bard, Philippe Pfister, et al.. Effet de l'imagerie motrice prolongée sur la preception de l'effort et ses corrélats neuronaux. 17ème Congrès de l'Association des Chercheurs en Activités Physiques et Sportives (ACAPS), Oct 2017, Dijon, France. ⟨hal-01880836⟩
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Book sections1 document

  • Patrick Bonin, Laura Ferreri, Margaux Gelin, Christophe Fitamen, Patrick Bard, et al.. Spotlight on the Survival Processing Advantage': An FNIRS Study on Adaptive Memory. Spatial, Long-and Short-Term Memory: Functions, Differences and Effects of Injury, Nova Science Publishers, pp.133-144, 2015, Neuroscience Research Progress, 978-1-63484-148-1. ⟨hal-02181890⟩