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Oualid Jouini

Professor, HDR, Laboratoire Génie Industriel, CentraleSupélec



- Associate Professor, Ecole Centrale Paris

Assistant Professor, Ecole Centrale Paris

- Postdoc, University of Minnesota

- PhD, Ecole Centrale Paris


Research interests:

Service operations management, optimization, stochastic models, call centers, healthcare

Article dans une revue31 documents

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  • Oualid Jouini, Yves Dallery, F. Auriol. Client Portfolio-Based Call Center Architecture. France, Patent n° : World Intellectual Property Organization, WO 2006/003306. 2006. 〈hal-01265246〉

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  • Oualid Jouini. Stochastic Modeling in Call Centers Management. Engineering Sciences [physics]. Ecole Centrale Paris, 2006. English. 〈tel-00133341〉