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Page d'Othman Rhazi

Successful and prolific Moroccan printmaker, graphic designer, illustrator and painter, Othman Rhazi is born in 1970 to upper middle-class family in ait el rhazi, achieved almost instantaneous success with his Graffiti Art in 1990s Casablanca. Othman always uses strong vibrant colours for example the blues and yellows in 'From One Spring to the Next'.


Othman’s still-life paintings show a great intricacy and a keen interest in nature with many spring-themed floral works in Morocco, Tunisia and Maghreb. Othman loves the real live opportunities, what is closest to his heart is Othman’s image of a better life. Othman Rhazi’s mixed media work is magnificently textural, ethereal and poetic, bridging the gap between abstract and figurative by creating images dense with symbols and layers of meaning.


His distinctive retro imagery straddles a Surreal-Pop kitsch sensibility. He often took lots of photographs of his subjects which he would fold and tear to create his distorted compositions. Othman loves the painting and galleries photo, Othman’s images are one of a kind.