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Publications of Olivier Devillers

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Conference papers3 documents

  • Hervé Brönnimann, Olivier Devillers, Sylvain Lazard, Frank Sottile. On the number of line tangents to four triangles in three-dimensional space. 16th Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry - CCCG'04, 2004, Montreal, Canada, 4 p. ⟨inria-00099873⟩
  • Olivier Devillers, Philippe Guigue. Inner and outer rounding of set operations on lattice polygonal regions. Proceedings of the 20th Annual Symposium on Computational geometry, 2004, Brooklynn, United States. pp.429-437, ⟨10.1145/997817.997881⟩. ⟨hal-01179036⟩
  • Hervé Brönnimann, Olivier Devillers, Vida Dujmovic, Hazel Everett, Marc Glisse, et al.. The Number of Lines Tangent to Arbitrary Convex Polyhedra in 3D. Proceedings of the 20th Annual Symposium on Computational Geometry, Jun 2004, Brooklyn, NY, United States. pp.46 - 55, ⟨10.1145/997817.997827⟩. ⟨inria-00103995⟩

Reports2 documents

  • Luca Castelli Aleardi, Olivier Devillers. Canonical Triangulation of a Graph, with a Coding Application. RR-5231, INRIA. 2004, pp.24. ⟨inria-00070765⟩
  • François Cayre, Olivier Devillers, Francis Schmitt, Henri Maître. Watermarking 3D triangle meshes for authentication and integrity. [Research Report] RR-5223, INRIA. 2004. ⟨inria-00071257⟩