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  • Nicolas Vanhaecke, Olivier Dulieu. Precision measurements with polar molecules: the role of the black body radiation. Molecular Physics, Taylor & Francis, 2007, 105 (11-12), pp.1723-1731. 〈10.1080/00268970701466261〉. 〈hal-00513112〉
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  • Humberto Da Silva Jr, Maurice Raoult, Mireille Aymar, Olivier Dulieu. Formation of molecular ions by radiative association of cold trapped atoms and ions. 2015. 〈hal-01103444v2〉
  • Maxence Lepers, Ye Hong, Jean-François Wyart, Olivier Dulieu. Proposal for laser-cooling of rare-earth ions. 2015. 〈hal-01188215〉
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  • Felix H. J. Hall, Pascal Eberle, Gregor Hegi, Maurice Raoult, Mireille Aymar, et al.. Ion-neutral chemistry at ultralow energies: Dynamics of reactive collisions between laser-cooled Ca^+ ions and Rb atoms in an ion-atom hybrid trap. Submitted to Molecular Physics. 2013. 〈hal-00811450〉
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