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Olivier Colliot - Research Director at CNRS - ARAMIS Lab (CNRS/INRIA/Inserm/UPMC)

Research Director at CNRS


Head of the ARAMIS Lab, a joint team between CNRSInriaInserm and University Pierre and Marie Curie at the Brain and Spine Institute (ICM), in co-direction with Didier Dormont.


Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital   

Journal articles5 documents

  • Claire Cury, Roberto Toro, Fanny Cohen, Clara Fischer, Amel Mhaya, et al.. Incomplete Hippocampal Inversion: A Comprehensive MRI Study of Over 2000 Subjects. Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, Frontiers, 2015, 9, pp.160. ⟨10.3389/fnana.2015.00160⟩. ⟨hal-01251239⟩
  • Olivier Colliot, Tommaso Mansi, N. Bernasconi, V. Naessens, D. Klironomos, et al.. Segmentation of focal cortical dysplasia lesions on MRI using level set evolution. NeuroImage, Elsevier, 2006, 32 (4), pp.1621-1630. ⟨10.1016/j.neuroimage.2006.04.225⟩. ⟨inria-00614998⟩
  • Olivier Colliot, Neda Bernasconi, Najmeh Khalili, Samson B Antel, Véronique Naessens, et al.. Individual voxel-based analysis of gray matter in focal cortical dysplasia.. NeuroImage, Elsevier, 2006, 29 (1), pp.162-71. ⟨10.1016/j.neuroimage.2005.07.021⟩. ⟨hal-01259130⟩
  • Olivier Colliot, Samson B Antel, Veronique B Naessens, Neda Bernasconi, Andrea Bernasconi. In vivo profiling of focal cortical dysplasia on high-resolution MRI with computational models.. Epilepsia, Wiley, 2006, 47 (1), pp.134-42. ⟨hal-01259128⟩
  • Olivier Colliot, Oscar Camara, Isabelle Bloch. Un modèle déformable intégrant des relations spatiales pour la segmentation de structures cérébrales. Revue I3 - Information Interaction Intelligence, Cépaduès, 2005, 5 (1), pp.29-58. ⟨hal-01413894⟩