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  • Oana Ivanovici. Counter-examples to the Strichartz estimates for the wave equation in domains II. Final version (corrected some issues in Sections 3 and 4, added some details in Section 3), 58 pages. 2009. <hal-00364946v3>
  • Oana Ivanovici, Fabrice Planchon. On the energy critical Schrodinger equation in 3D non-trapping domains. Final version (fixed spectral localization issues in section 3.1.2, corrected some typos), 34 pages. 2009. <hal-00380112v3>
  • Oana Ivanovici. On the Schrodinger equation outside strictly convex obstacles. Corrections (per the referee's suggestions) were made in Section 3 and in Section 4.2, 42 pages. 2008. <hal-00319146v3>
  • Oana Ivanovici. Counter example to Strichartz estimates for the wave equation in domains. to appear in Math. Ann., 42 pages. 2008. <hal-00280810v2>
  • Oana Ivanovici, Fabrice Planchon. Square function and heat flow estimates on domains. 2008. <hal-00347161v3>
  • Oana Ivanovici. Precise smoothing effect in the exterior of balls. 2007. <hal-00380118>