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Myriam ZERRAD - Institut Fresnel - scientific production

2010    "Michel Lequime"   

Journal articles1 document

  • Myriam Zerrad, Michel Lequime. Instantaneous spatially resolved acquisition of polarimetric and angular scattering properties in optical coatings. Applied optics, Optical Society of America, 2010, pp.C217-C221. ⟨10.1364/AO.50.00C217⟩. ⟨hal-01097031⟩

Conference papers4 documents

  • Myriam Zerrad, Michel Lequime, Carole Deumie, Claude Amra. A goniometric instrument for a spatially resolved scattering and polarimetric characterisation of optical coatings. Optical Interference Coatings, Jun 2010, Tucson, United States. ⟨hal-00471680⟩
  • Myriam Zerrad, Michel Lequime, Carole Deumie, Claude Amra. CCD-ARS set-up: a comprehensive and fast high sensitivity characterisation tool for optical components. Optical Micro- and Nanometrology, Apr 2010, Brussels, Belgium. pp.77189. ⟨hal-00477724⟩
  • Benoit Mangote, Fabien Lemarchand, Myriam Zerrad, Laurent Gallais, Mireille Commandre, et al.. Femtosecond laser processing of optical thin films: Experimental tools and results. Optical Interference Coatings, 2010, tucson, United States. pp.FA14. ⟨hal-00493819⟩
  • Myriam Zerrad, Michel Lequime. New developments in light scattering characterisation. Stray Light Workshop, Jun 2010, Toulouse, France. ⟨hal-00475537⟩