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CV de Mounîm A. EL YACOUBI

Article dans une revue4 documents

  • M. El Yacoubi, J.-M. Vaugeois, D. Marguet, N. Sauze, R. Guieu, et al.. Behavioural characterization of CD26 deficient mice in animal tests of anxiety and antidepressant-like activity.. Behavioral Brain Research., 2006, 171, pp.279-85. <hal-00123477>
  • D. Popa, M. El Yacoubi, J.-M. Vaugeois, M. Hamon, J. Adrien. Homeostatic regulation of sleep in a genetic model of depression in the mouse : Effects of muscarinic and 5HT1a receptor activation.. Neuropsychopharmacology. 2006, 31, 1637- 46., 2006, 31, pp.1637- 46. <hal-00123462>
  • P. Svenningsson, K. Chergui, I. Rachleff, M. Flajolet, X. Zhang, et al.. Alteration in 5HT1B receptor function by p11 in depression – like states.. Science, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2006, 311, pp.77-80. <hal-00123468>
  • C. Heurteaux, G. Lucas, N. Guy, M. El Yacoubi, S. Thümmler, et al.. Deletion of the background potassium channel TREK-1 results in a depression-resistant phenotype. Nature Neuroscience, Nature Publishing Group, 2006, 9, pp.1134-1141. <hal-00091223>

Communication dans un congrès4 documents

  • Mouna Selmi, Mounim El Yacoubi, Bernadette Dorizzi. On the sensitivity of spatio-temporal interest points to person identity. SSIAI '12 : IEEE Southwest Symposium on Image Analysis and Interpretation, Apr 2012, Santa Fe, United States. IEEE, pp.69-72, 2012, <10.1109/SSIAI.2012.6202455>. <hal-00745778>
  • Mohamed Ibn Khedher, Mounim El Yacoubi, Bernadette Dorizzi. Probabilistic matching pair selection for SURF-based person re-identification. BIOSIG '12 : IEEE International Conference of the Biometrics Special Interest Group, Sep 2012, Darmstadt, Germany. IEEE, pp.1-6, 2012. <hal-00745762>
  • Mohamed Ibn Khedher, Mounim El Yacoubi, Bernadette Dorizzi. Human action recognition using continuous HMMs and HOG/HOF silhouette representation. ICPRAM '12 : 1st International Conference on Pattern Recignittion and Methods, Feb 2012, Vilamoura, Portugal. SciTePress, 2, pp.503-508, 2012. <hal-00745801>
  • Nesma Houmani, Sonia Garcia-Salicetti, Bernadette Dorizzi, Mounim El Yacoubi. On-line signature verification on a mobile platform. WMS '10 : International Workshop on Mobile Security. In conjunction with MobiCASE '10 : 2nd International ICST Conference on Mobile Computing, Applications, and Services, Oct 2010, Santa Clara, United States. Springer, 76, pp.396-400, 2012, <10.1007/978-3-642-29336-8_28>. <hal-00812562>