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CV de Michael Mercier

Communication dans un congrès1 document

  • Pierre-François Dutot, Michael Mercier, Millian Poquet, Olivier Richard. Batsim: a Realistic Language-Independent Resources and Jobs Management Systems Simulator. 20th Workshop on Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing, May 2016, Chicago, United States. 20th Workshop on Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing (JSSPP). <hal-01333471>

Article dans une revue3 documents

  • W. Wei, C. Mandin, O. Blanchard, F. Mercier, M. Pelletier, et al.. Predicting the gas-phase concentration of semi-volatile organic compounds from airborne particles: Application to a French nationwide survey. Science of the Total Environment, 2017, 576, pp.319--325. <10.1016/j.scitotenv.2016.10.074>. <hal-01467547>
  • D Hazra, N Tsavdaris, S Jebari, Alexander Grimm, F Blanchet, et al.. Superconducting properties of very high quality NbN thin films grown by high temperature chemical vapor deposition. Superconductor Science and Technology, IOP Publishing, 2016, 29 (10), <10.1088/0953-2048/29/10/105011>. <hal-01451259>
  • Cristian Ruiz, Salem Harrache, Michael Mercier, Olivier Richard. Reconstructable Software Appliances with Kameleon. Operating Systems Review, Association for Computing Machinery, 2015, 49 (1), pp.80-89. <10.1145/2723872.2723883>. <hal-01334135>