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Dr. Maximilian F. Hasler, PhD

Welcome to my professional homepage on HAL!

Some brief information about me:

Contact: best is to contact me by e-mail at

Research interests

in Mathematics (Algebras of generalized functions, differential equations, optimisation; mathematical modelling of phenomena in nature; differential geometry and topology; number theory ;

and Theoretical Physics (Gauge field theory (classical, quantum, supersymmetric...), esp. supergravity; differential geometry and topological aspects of gauge theories.


Lectures on analysis & linear algebra, general algebra (groups - rings - ideals - fields), bilinear & multilinear algebra; numerical mathematics & computer algebra, numerical optimization and applications to economics. 

(Various levels between 2nd year and master's degree).

Occasionally, lectures in Physics (Electromagnetism, Maxwell's equations)

Other activity and responsibilites

"V. Marti"    Centre de Recherche en Economie, Gestion, Modélisation et Informatique Appliquée   

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