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Mehdi Mirzapour's CV

Curriculum Vitae



Mehdi Mirzapour



Date of Birth:    22-Sep-1977

Nationality:Iranian(Married / Two Children)

Current Resident Place: Montpellier, France(Extendable Resident Card)

Phone Contact: +33-6-64046350



Academic Records:

Industrial Records:









·       Natural Language Processing

·       Natural Language Understanding

·       Computational Semantics

·       Computational Linguistics

·       GIS Data Analyst

·       Project Management / Roll-out Management

·       (Diagrammatic/Linear/Event) Logic











1 Oct 2015 -     28 Sep 2018 

Montpellier, France

Ph.D. - Montpellier University

Computer Science

23  Sep 2009 -29  Jan 2012 


M.A. - Allameh Tabataba'i University


22  Sep 1996 - 20 May 2002 


B.Sc. - Shahdi Beheshti University

Electrical Engineering-Electronics 







·      EACL (European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics) Grant Award for participating in ESSLLI 2018 (European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information).

·      PhD 3-Year Competitive Fellowship (Contrats Doctoraux) in Computer Science (Subfield: Computational Semantics), I2S University of Montpellier, France, Sep 2015- Sep 2018.

·      Recognized as “Talented Student” and “First-Ranked Student” (based on GPA) at Allameh Tabataba'i University in 2009 Philosophy-Logic Program.

·      “Best Teacher Award” Certification, Highest Accolade of LFA, April 2006. 








Sep-2018                   University of Montpellier                   Montpellier, France


·     Ph.D. entitled "Modelling Preferences for Ambiguous Utterance Interpretations". (For more details see 


·      Publishing 8 scientific papers during my PhD research.




Sep-2015                        Ericsson Company                         Tehran , Iran


BSC/RNC Implementation Manager for MTN-IranCell


·      Installation/Integration of 5 EVO Controllers

·      Installation/Integration of 2 HD BSCs

·      Relocation, Installation and Integration of 4 HC BSCs

·      BSC Upgrade (G10B to G11B)

·      BSC Expansions

·      Re-homings



IBS Project CPM (Pre-Sale Project) // Parallel to IM Position


·      Project Planning

·      Budgeting for the Project

·      Subcontractor Assignment and Quoting

·      Preparing BoQ

·      Preparing SoW and Responsibility Matrix.



Site Solution Manager (Pre-Sale Project): // Parallel to IM Position


·      Coordination between ANI, IE, TND, RND & CW Departments

·      Project Planning

·      Budgeting for the Project

·      Subcontractor Assignment and Quoting

·      Providing Solution and Strategies

·      Negotiation with municipalities and Related Companies.



Telecom Automation Software Designer



·      Successful Implementation of Around 20 daily Engineering Tasks in Ericsson Transmission Network Design (TND) department.

·      Migration from TEMS Link Planner to Asset Connect.

·      Data Analysis on the Job Training and needed TND training.

·      Working with Aircom Asset Enterprise Connect V6.0.0 and Link Data Base Update.

·      Giving Programming Modules for IRC TND Data Migration. (Such as Info Extractor /Draft Update / Draft Site Handle Migration, ...)



Access Network Supervisor


·       Installing 40 new sites andintegration to PAT phase.

·       Swapping 10 sites from outdoor to indoor shelter

·       Swapping 5 sites from Alcatel to Ericsson sites.

·       Coordination Subcontractors: Part Cell, Parshan, Egypt Pro & F.S.O.







Dec-2007                                   Nokia Company                               Tehran , Iran



IBS Roll-Out Management (in GC162 Project):


·      Roll-out Management Including Installation and Integration and Quality Pass for 39 In-Building Micro Sites in Tehran, Karaj and Yazd. 

·      Issuing RFDS for 35 sites with Asset Enterprise 4.2 & IBS Optimization.

·      Managing of subcontractors such as PishtazPars Co, BehAndish Co, RahnamaSystem Co, AryaSatel Co, ESH Co, PionAria Co and Rayanet Aria.




Dec-2006             TezhabSad Consulting Engineers                   Tehran , Iran



Geo-Spatial Data Analyst:



Performing following 9 national GIS (Geo-Spatial Information System) projects for Iran Ministries of Energy and Agriculture:


·      Phisiography Of Gheshlagh Watershed in Kurdestan

·      Phisiography Of AssadAbad Watershed in Hamedan

·      Preparing Climatology Maps of Gheshlagh

·      GIS Project Manager for Ranges of Khozestan Province

·      GIS Management for R2V Project (Iran Ranges)

·      Preparing Atlas (Resources of Water) for Hydo-Power (Maroon) 

·      GIS Team Leader in Land Management Project of Izeh (Khuzestan) 

·      GIS Team Leader in Land Management Project of Dehdast 

·      Preparing Atlas (Dam Designing Project) for Markhoz Dam







·      Mehdi Mirzapour, Jean-Philippe Prost, Christian Retoré Categorial "Proof Nets and Dependency Locality: A New Metric for Linguistic Complexity" LACompLing 2018: Logic & Algorithms in Computational Linguistics, Stockholm, August 28-31 2018. 

·      Mehdi Mirzapour, Christian Retoré  "Venn Diagram and Evaluation of Syllogisms with Negative Terms: A New Algorithm" in Chapman, P., Stapleton, G., Moktefi, A., Perez-Kriz, S., Bellucci, F. (Eds.) Diagrammatic Representation and Inference 10th International Conference, Diagrams 2018, Edinburgh, UK, June 18-22, 2018, LNCS / LNAI 10871, 2018. [Spread-Sheet Download, PDF]

·      Mathieu Lafourcade, Bruno Mery, Mehdi Mirzapour, Richard Moot and Christian Retoré "Collecting Crowd-Sourced Lexical Coercions for Compositional Semantic Analysis" in Arai, S., Kojima, K., Mineshima, K., Bekki, D., Satoh, K., Ohta, Y. (Eds.) New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence Springer LNCS 2018. 

·      Mathieu Lafourcade, Bruno Mery, Mehdi Mirzapour, Richard Moot and Christian Retoré, "Collecting Weighted Coercions from Crowd-Sourced Lexical Data for Compositional Semantic Analysis", Logic and Engineering of Natural Language Semantics 14 (LENLS 14), 2017, Tokyo, Japan.[PDF]

·      Davide Catta, Mehdi Mirzapour, "Quantifier Scoping and Semantic Preferences." In 1st conference for Computing Natural Language Inference held by Centre for Linguistic Theory and Studies in Probability (joint  with 12th International Conference on Computational Semantics), 2017, Montpellier, France. [PDF]

·      Mehdi Mirzapour, "Finding Missing Categories in Incomplete Utterances." In 24e Conférence sur le Traitement Automatique des Langues Naturelles (TAL), p. 149, 2017, Orléans, France. [PDF]

·       Mehdi Mirzapour, "The Origin of the Distribution Doctrine", In the Proceedings of 5th World Congress on Universal Logic, 2015, Istanbul, Turkey. [PDF]

·       Mahin Bagheri, Mehdi Mirzapour and Gholamreza Zakiani, "Medieval Supposition Theory: The Implicit Semantic of Aristotle's Sophistical Refutations", Logical Study, IHCS , Volume 9, Number 1, Spring 2018.

·      Mohammad Hafi, Mahin Bagheri, Mehdi Mirzapour and  Golamreza Zakiani,  "The Groundability of Four Figures of Aristotelian’s Syllogism" , Logical Study, IHCS , Volume 9, Number 2, Autumn 2018.

·      Mehdi Mirzapour, Gholamreza Zakiani, "Theory of Distribution According to John Buridan", Logical Study, IHCS ,Article 6, Volume 2, Number 4, Winter 2012, Page 117-136. [PDF]

·      Mehdi Mirzapour, "Formalization of the Rules of Aristotelian Categorical Syllogism" -Supplemented by the Critique of Such Formalized Rules in Some of Persian Logic Text Books, Logical Study, IHCS , Article 7, Volume 1, Number 2, Autumn 2010, Page 119-150.  [PDF]

·      Mehdi Mirzapour, "Computational Analysis of Aristotle’s Notion of Inherence", Written in English, Forthcoming.

·      Translation, "Religions, Values, and Peak-Experiences" by Abraham H. Maslow, from English to Persian (Not Published- One Part of MA thesis), 2004. 

·      M.A. Thesis for Religion and Mysticism Study entitled: Translation, Introductory and Annotation to the book "Religions, Values, and Peak-Experiences" by Abraham H. Maslow, Azad University, 2004. 

·      M.A. Thesis for Philosophy – logic, entitled: “An Investigation of Supposition Theory, Its Results and Applications in Late Medieval Age”, Allameh Tabataba’i University, 2012. 


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