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Mathilde VIGNAU, Associate-Professor, ESPI2R Unit Research

Mathilde Vignau is a PhD doctor in Geography. She defended her thesis entitled: Towards a Creative Geography: impacts of cultural and creative places, activities, and events on the PACA region’s development in October 2019 at Aix-Marseille Université (AMU) and TELEMMe laboratory. For five years she was a teaching assistant in geography at Aix-Marseille Université. In August 2020, she has joined the ESPI Group in Marseille and the ESPI2R Unit Research as an associate professor in geography, urbanism and planning.

Her study fields deal with urban and economic geography as well as territorial creativity, urban neoliberalism, and critical geography. Her previous activities allowed her to participate in several scientific conferences and seminars in France and abroad (Switzerland, Belgium). For several years, she actively contributed to the life of her former laboratory by co-organising annual "young researchers' days" about transversal and multidisciplinary subjects (history, geography, economics, philosophy, neurosciences).

Her doctoral thesis consisted in evaluating the weight and territorial effects of creative and cultural resources on the development of south-eastern France by adopting a critical approach. Within ESPI2R laboratory, she focuses on two main research axes that are: 1) the links between cities and the pandemic and 2) the perspectives and potentialities of the “zones détendues” (i.e. the areas that are not concern by housing tensions, where the housing are available and the market prices still affordable). In parallel, she is still strongly interested in all scientific projects associating the fields of economic and urban geography with territorial creativity. Several publications on these subjects are currently being edited and should be published soon in academic journals and books.

At the ESPI group,  she teaches several theoretical (urban planning law, operational urban planning, construction law) and methodological courses, continuing an activity that began in 2014 as a teaching assistant in geography.

Boris Grésillon   

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  • Boris Grésillon, Mathilde Vignau. L’impossible gouvernance de la région métropolitaine Aix-Marseille : une réalité territoriale nuancée par la culture ?. Christophe Demazière; Xavier Desjardins; Olivier Sykes. La gouvernance des métropoles et des régions urbaines. Des réformes institutionnelles aux coopérations territoriales, Editions du PUCA, pp.225-247, 2020, Recherche, 978-2-11-138184-1. ⟨hal-03380484⟩