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Mathieu Mangeot's Publications

Associate professor at Savoie Mont Blanc University and member of the GETALP team of Grenoble Laboratory of Informatics

Note: since 2014, I no longer travel by plane to attend conferences.

"Frédéric Andrès"   

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  • Jérôme Godard, Mathieu Mangeot, Frédéric Andrès. Data Repository Organization and Recuperation Process for Multilingual Lexical Databases. Proc. of SNLP-Oriental COCOSDA 2002, May 2002, Hua Hin, Prachuapkirikhan, Thailand. pp.249-254. ⟨hal-00968841⟩
  • Mathieu Mangeot, Gilles Sérasset, Frédéric Andrès. Frameworks, Implementation and Open Problems for the Collaborative Building of a Multilingual Lexical Database. Proc. of SEMANET Workshop, Post COLING 2002 Workshop, Aug 2002, Taipei, Taiwan. pp.9-15. ⟨hal-00965848⟩