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Mathieu Brédif

Permanent researcher at Université Paris-Est, LASTIG MATIS, IGN, ENSG, F-94160 Saint-Mande, France


Journal articles1 document

  • Anahid Nabavi Larijani, Ana-Maria Olteanu-Raimond, Julien Perret, Mathieu Brédif, Cezary Ziemlicki. Investigating the Mobile Phone Data to Estimate the Origin Destination Flow and Analysis; Case Study: Paris Region. Transportation Research Procedia, Elsevier, 2015, 6, pp.64--78. ⟨10.1016/j.trpro.2015.03.006⟩. ⟨hal-01882717⟩

Conference papers4 documents

  • Mathieu Brédif. Projective Texturing Uncertain Geometry: silhouette-aware box-filtered blending using integral radial images. ISPRS Technical Commission III Symposium, Sep 2014, Zurich, Switzerland. pp.17--23, ⟨10.5194/isprsannals-II-3-17-2014⟩. ⟨hal-01882722⟩
  • Mathieu Brédif. Image-Based Rendering of LOD1 3D City Models for traffic-augmented Immersive Street-view Navigation. City Models, Roads and Traffic workshop (CMRT13), Sep 2013, Antalya, Turkey. pp.7--11, ⟨10.5194/isprsannals-II-3-W3-7-2013⟩. ⟨hal-01882856⟩
  • Mathieu Brédif. Virtual City Models : from acquisition to visualization, reconstruction and simulation. ISPRS Workshop on 3D Virtual City Modeling (VCM), May 2013, Regina, Canada. ⟨hal-01882968⟩
  • Murat Yirci, Mathieu Brédif, Julien Perret, Nicolas Paparoditis. 2D Arrangement-based Hierarchical Spatial Partitioning: An Application to Pedestrian Network Generation. 6th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Computational Transportation Science, Nov 2013, Orlando, United States. ⟨10.1145/2533828.2533843⟩. ⟨hal-01882727⟩