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Research Engineer

I am a Research Engineer at CentraleSupelec, in which I obtained my PhD (2014-2017). The aim of my PhD was to propose a decision aiding methodology for developing the contractual strategy of complex oil and gas projects. I am currently working on developping the methodology as a tool within TOTAL.

My main research topics  are : Project Management, Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding, Decision Explanation, WBS, Contracts management, oil and gas industry. 

After obtainning a mathematic baccalaureat, I continued my studies at the University Houari Boumedienne in Algiers, I majored in Operations Research since my second year.Then, I obtained my bachelor in 2011. My thematic disertation was about forecasting models specially short terms ones. Right after that, I obtained a master degree in Operationnal Research, Mangement, Risks & Negociation at the same university. 

During my training in Algeria I have seen the major topics discussed in Operationnal Research, whether it is Continuous or Combinatorial optimization, Mono or Multi-Objective Modelisation, Stochastic Optimization, Herestics, Metaherestics, Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding, Numerical Analysis, Forceasting methods, Supplychain, Schedule/ Time management, and so on.

I pursued my studies in France, I followed a Research Master in Decision Aiding at Paris-Dauphine University : "Modelisation, Optimisation, Decision & Organisation". I obtained my degree in September 2014. I have done my final internship within a startup company "Place des Leads", as part of a thesis supervised at CentraleSupelec. I worked on articulating an optimization model to a forecasting model to determine the nature of the data to forecast, then on deciding the forecasting method that best suits the data.  

Journal articles8 documents

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Conference papers2 documents

  • M. Mammeri, Franck Marle, Wassila Ouerdane. An assistance to identification and estimation of contractual strategy alternatives in oil and gas upstream development projects. 19th Dependency and Structure Modelling Conference (DSM), Sep 2017, Helsinki, Finland. ⟨hal-01589585⟩
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Theses1 document

  • M. Mammeri. Decision aiding methodology for developing the Contractual Strategy of complex oil and gas development projects. Mathematics [math]. Université Paris-Saclay, 2017. English. ⟨tel-01786849⟩