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PhD Student

I am a PhD student in Operationnal Research & Decision Aiding at CentraleSupelec since October 2014.

The aim of my PhD is to propose a decision aiding methodology for developing the contractual strategy of complex oil and gas projects. 

My main research topics during my thesis are : Project Management, Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding, Decision Explanation, WBS, Contracts management, oil and gas industry. 

After obtainning a mathematic baccalaureat, I continued my studies at the University Houari Boumedienne in Algiers, I majored in Operationnal Research since my second year.Then, I obtained my bachelor in 2011. My thematic disertation was about forecasting models specially short terms ones. Right after that, I obtained a master degree in Operationnal Research, Mangement, Risks & Negociation at the same university. 

During my training in Algeria I have seen the major topics discussed in Operationnal Research, whether it is Continuous or Combinatorial optimization, Mono or Multi-Objective Modelisation, Stochastic Optimization, Herestics, Metaherestics, Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding, Numerical Analysis, Forceasting methods, Supplychain, Schedule/ Time management, and so on.

I pursued my studies in France, I followed a Research Master in Decision Aiding at Paris-Dauphine University : "Modelisation, Optimisation, Decision & Organisation". I obtained my degree in September 2014. I have done my final internship within a startup company "Place des Leads", as part of a thesis supervised at CentraleSupelec. I worked on articulating an optimization model to a forecasting model to determine the nature of the data to forecast, then on deciding the forecasting method that best suits the data.  

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