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CV de Marlon Schumacher

Communication dans un congrès4 documents

  • Jérémie Garcia, Jean Bresson, Marlon Schumacher, Thibaut Carpentier, Xavier Favory. Tools and Applications for Interactive-Algorithmic Control of Sound Spatialization in OpenMusic. inSONIC2015, Aesthetics of Spatial Audio in Sound, Music and Sound Art, 2015, Karlsruhe, Germany. <hal-01226263>
  • Jean Bresson, Marlon Schumacher. Representation and Interchange of Sound Spatialization Data for Compositional Applications. ICMA. International Computer Music Conference, 2011, Huddersfield, United Kingdom. <hal-01169015>
  • Jean Bresson, Carlos Agon, Marlon Schumacher. Représentation des données de contrôle pour la spatialisation dans OpenMusic. Journées d'Informatique Musicale, May 2010, Rennes, France. pp.1-1, 2010. <hal-01157046>
  • Marlon Schumacher, Jean Bresson. Compositional Control of Periphonic Sound Spatialization. 2nd International Symposium on Ambisonics and Spherical Acoustics, May 2010, Paris, France. pp.1-1, 2010. <hal-01161239>

Article dans une revue1 document

  • Marlon Schumacher, Jean Bresson. Spatial Sound Synthesis in Computer-Aided Composition. Organised Sound, Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2010, 15 (3), pp.271-289. <10.1017/S1355771810000300>. <hal-00683469>