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Dr. Mark Stephen NOBLE


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  • Alexandrine Gesret, Mark Noble, Nicolas Desassis, Thomas Romary. Microseismic Monitoring: Consequences of Velocity Model Uncertainties on Location Uncertainties. Third Passive Seismic Workshop, Eur. Ass. of Geoscientists and Engineers, Athens - Greece (2011), Mar 2011, Athens, Greece. pp.PAS31. ⟨hal-00578132⟩
  • Nidhal Belayouni, Mark Noble, T. Bardainne, Hervé Chauris, Alexandrine Gesret. Fast Method for Amplitude Computation on High Contrast Velocity Models. 73rd EAGE Conference and Technical Exhibition, Eur. Ass. of Geoscientists and Engineers, 2011, Vienna, Austria. pp.SP36. ⟨hal-00609856⟩
  • Nicolas Desassis, Thomas Romary, Alexandrine Gesret, Mark Noble. Inversion sismique dans un milieu aléatoire. 42e Journées de Statistique, 2011, Tunisie. 〈hal-00693166〉
  • Alexandrine Gesret, Mark Noble, Thomas Romary, Nicolas Desassis. Microseismic monitoring: new accurate estimate of velocity model uncertainties and consequences on location uncertainties. EGU General Assembly 2011, Apr 2011, Austria. ⟨hal-00578150⟩